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The secret ingredient to digital transformation

Magdalena Matell
July 23, 2020

Making the move from ready-made to fresh ingredients

Cooking is my passion and during the lockdown I was able to spend more time in the kitchen preparing delicious food for the people in my life. I recently became a vegetarian and have experienced flavors and tastes I never thought possible through a plant-based diet.

One of the things I have learned is: fresh ingredients are essential when it comes to cooking. Sure, I could create some of my favorite dishes with ready-made ingredients, but by using fresh plants, spices, and herbs cut and flavored to my taste, the difference is incredible.

And one of the best ways to do this is to make sure you have the best quality ingredients. Having produce delivered from local farms means I get the freshest quality fruits and vegetables to make my dishes the best they can be.

The same can be said when it comes to business transformation.

Access to the best components is key

To help create the best and most specific transformations for our clients, Capgemini has set up the Transformation and Innovation Office (TIO). For the past few months, I’ve been running transformation activities for our clients in Europe.

Within the TIO, I’ve spent time drafting the right initiatives that deliver the best outcome to our clients. The planning occurs during multiple meetings with the clients who are involved in every step and are clear on what needs to be prioritized. As such, we can ensure that the initiatives that we drive will fulfill the requirements of the business.

Thankfully, the TIO has access to a network of talents, tools, and external partners. This enables us to source the best resources from the organization when it comes to processes automation and innovation, and we are able to deliver fit for purpose projects for our clients.

The same goes for driving transformation. Just like when cooking, it is much easier to accomplish the best results by handpicking projects and resources that address the client’s specific needs.

Having enough help and time makes all the difference

Another key to creating a successful digital transformation is, of course, time. Next to having the right ingredients, I have always been lacking enough time to prepare more advanced meals. However, my children are very eager to help me in the kitchen. Working as a team, we are so much more efficient in preparing our meals. Of course, I need to watch them and take several precautions to avoid making too big a mess. However, as they gain experience, they are becoming far more helpful, and there is less clean up required.

Likewise, our clients often have big plans but don’t have time to deliver and some of our operations are busy with day-to-day matters and don’t have access to the resources to do those little extras that may be required.

However, the TIO is able to bring new ideas and relevant resources to the table, while also providing a little extra time and the capacity to deliver more advanced projects and foster productive collaboration between the operations and the business. After working hand-in-hand with the clients and the operations, the TIO team delivers on the projects that were generated, planned, and agreed to as part of the assessments, brainstorming, digital workshops, and other techniques to determine and address what is needed.

In short, when it comes to making your digital transformation shine, Capgemini’s TIO can definitely be considered the secret ingredient.

To learn more about how Capgemini’s TIO can help your organization’s digital transformation, contact:

Magdalena Matell has over 16 years’ experience in business services. She is passionate about helping organizations to transform and become more client centric by changing business models and operations. She has successfully led global transformation programs and executed multiple Finance and Accounting solutions across a range of businesses.