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Providing accurate T&E information through an AI-based chatbot

Bartosz Grochowski
28 Jun 2022

Capgemini’s award-winning chatbot leverages natural language processing and machine learning to deliver more accurate travel and expenses information. This is helping our people travel more easily and safely in the post-pandemic world.

Organizations today need to provide up-to-date travel information to consulting professionals travelling on business at speed – including accurate information on local hotel rates, food allowances, and travel entitlements.

This process is typically handled manually, with requests often sent to a third-party system that can lengthen response times significantly. In addition, requests are often sent to teams outside of office hours, which means questions frequently go unanswered until the next business day – much to the frustration of traveling professionals.

Enable instant and accurate travel information

What travel and expenses (T&E) teams needed is a tool that delivers simple, quick, and user-friendly support to its business people, without any specific training, implementation costs, or additional software installation.

On top of this, the tool would ideally leverage an extensive knowledge repository, simple plug-and-play architecture, an intuitive user interface, and intelligent automation to enable finance teams to respond accurately to a wide range of T&E, HR, IT, finance, and policy-related queries.

NLP and machine learning drives speed and accuracy

Enter, Capgemini’s Microsoft-based chatbot. With natural language processing (NLP) embedded at its core, the chatbot recalls all previous user conversations, while leveraging machine learning to predict future queries and inputs. This ensures that the accuracy and amount of travel information it provides continuously improves over time.

We’re extremely proud that our Microsoft-based chatbot recently won the “Chatbot Innovation” category at the 2022 AI Breakthrough Awards – for the fourth year running. Not only that, the tool is also being currently being implemented across many of our internal engagements, which is helping our people to travel safely in a post-pandemic world.

To learn how Capgemini can help you provide up-to-date, accurate travel information to your people through leveraging Intelligent Process Automation, contact: