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Capgemini Google Cloud Climate Insights Powered By Climate Engine

11 Nov 2022

Improving robustness and resilience in
the face of extreme weather events

More than $100 billion: that’s the global cost of weather and climate events as reported in State of the Global Climate 2021 from the United Nations World Meteorological Organization. Whether it’s a public-sector security agency responding to a natural disaster or a company ensuring its global supply chain is resilient and robust, trusted data about weather events is essential. But there are two key challenges: those who need the data often don’t know where to find it and, even if they do, the data is often out of date. 
What’s needed is a single, global source for accurate, timely data and insights so enterprises can evolve beyond reacting to weather events and, instead, anticipate and plan for them. What’s needed is Capgemini Google Cloud Climate Insights powered by Climate Engine. 

Capgemini Google Cloud Climate Insights powered by Climate Engine provides climate data and insights to a range of decision-makers across the enterprise, including:

  • CEOs, CIOs, and CTOs
  • Chief Procurement Officers
  • Chief Sustainability Officers
  • Research & Development groups
  • Remote sensing scientists
  • Chief Science Officers.

Working with Capgemini, Google Cloud, and Climate Engine, the organization defines specific data to analyze and combine with other information – such as financial models – to derive actionable insights.