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Award-winning AI query handling you can trust

Marek Sowa
March 26, 2021

For years, queries sent to finance departments had to be processed manually. This was extraordinarily time-consuming, extremely prone to human error, and often took employees away from more business critical tasks. However, this problem is now a thing of the past as part of Capgemini’s move towards implementing frictionless operations for our clients.

Building on our deep expertise…

Building on our deep learning expertise, Capgemini’s Artificial Intelligence Lab created our AI Query Handling tool, which utilizes natural language classification (NLC) to assist in the data extraction process – providing relevant data points to a variety of finance-related questions. This ensures questions are always sent to the right person or department within a matter of minutes – not days.

For example, if a client needs a copy of an invoice sent to them, they simply provide the email address and invoice number associated with the order. Our AI Query Handling tool can then extract and classify the information needed to send a copy of the invoice – without human intervention. Or if the query comes with supplemental documentation the tool will then scan the document, retrieve the relevant information, and provide the answer quickly and efficiently. If any information is missing, then a request for supplemental materials will be sent to the relevant people almost instantly to keep the process moving.

Keeping coworkers in the loop when needed

Our AI Query Handling tool is often able to identify when important information is missing, and quickly emails a request to fill in the blanks when needed. It was for this reason, that finance departments who utilized it saw a 90% reduction in inquiry response times.

However, sometimes our tool needs help from its human coworkers. The AI Query tool recognizes inaccuracies or insufficient data, or if your question requires a more detailed answer. If any of these instances occur, it quickly intervenes and sends it to the right person or department. The employee there then figures out what is missing, provides the information, and sends it back to the tool. This enables the process to proceed automatically or, in more complicated instances, it enables the right people to spend the time needed to resolve the issue properly before moving it forward in the process. Either way it is just one of Capgemini’s key ways of reimagining key business operations.

AIConics likes what Capgemini’s got…

AIConics recently recognized the innovative and game-changing possibilities that Capgemini’s AI Query Handling tool provides to finance departments in addition to a number of other processes – due to its scalability in relation to HR and supply chain queries. The AI Lab is thrilled to receive this recognition for all their hard work – so congratulations go out to all involved!

The AI Query Handling tool is part of Capgemini’s Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) offering. To learn more about how IPA can help your run more efficiently, helping you transition to – what we call – the Frictionless Enterprise, contact:

Marek Sowa is head of Capgemini’s Intelligent Automation Offering focused on adopting AI technologies into business services. He leverages the potential hidden in deep and machine learning to increase the speed, accuracy, and automation of processes. This helps clients to transform their business operations leveraging the combined power of AI and RPA to create working solutions that deliver real business value.

Marcin Stachowiak is Head of Capgemini’s Intelligent Automation Lab and Senior AI Lead for Capgemini’s Business Services. He is responsible for establishing Capgemini’s machine learning-driven automation innovation strategy, and managing our internal centers of excellence that focus on machine learning-, production-based systems. This means Marcin is well-versed in overseeing effective systems integrations, while always keeping our clients’ wider needs in mind.