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AI is breaking through to HR

Marek Sowa
February 22, 2021

Most organizations receive hundreds of curriculum vitae (CV) documents on a daily basis from which they have to process the right information required to coordinate the recruitment process efficiently and effectively. However, they typically work with outdated, time-consuming, and labor-intensive recruitment systems, which are prone to errors, delays, and low employee satisfaction.

At Capgemini, our human resources (HR) leadership understood the impact intelligent automation and artificial intelligence (AI) could have on the efficiency of the recruitment process and engaged a team of advanced technology experts to develop an end-to-end, frictionless solution called CV-up Powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Bringing AI to HR

This joint effort enabled us to look at it from the business perspective and use state-of-the-art capabilities and natural language processing (NLP) to tell each individual applicant’s overall story. More importantly, this innovative approach enabled us to develop a tool that ensures HR team members focus less on making sure applicants fill in all the fields correctly and more time interviewing candidates and ensuring they get the right candidate for each role.

By putting our collective minds together, we were able to develop a way to make the data extraction from CVs more intelligent by focusing on the way language works within CVs, and other business texts, to enable specific data processing. This works primarily through crucial phrase extraction, NLP of raw text, and named entry recognition. By reducing the likelihood of human error, CV-up Powered by AI enables our HR department to concentrate on more meaningful tasks and the application process’s human side.

In addition, thanks to the application’s ability to leverage its agile cloud-based architecture and cognitive services, the tool can also be used for other documents such as agreements, contracts, and forms.

Recognizing innovation in AI

Our hard work and innovation have certainly paid dividends. Building on our success at last year’s AI Breakthrough Awards for a cash collections assistant powered by AI, we were ecstatic to learn that Capgemini has again been recognized as a leader in AI technology, this time using AI to bring the human touch back to HR. CV-up Powered by AI has also been recognized by the Business Intelligence Group at their BIG Innovation Awards given to companies or individuals whose ideas, big or small, that change the business world. We couldn’t be more thrilled.

This was truly a collaborative effort between HR and the Advanced Technology Lab in attempt to find an innovative, frictionless solution to an age-old problem. By augmenting the recruitment process with AI, we’ve enabled our recruitment teams to get back to doing what they do best, filling open positions with the highest caliber talent available.

CV-up Powered by AI is part of Capgemini’s Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) offering and Connected Employee Experience portfolio. To learn more about how IPA can help your HR function streamline its recruitment process, ensuring you get the best talent for each role, contact:

Marek Sowa is head of Capgemini’s Intelligent Automation Offering focused on adopting AI technologies into business services. He leverages the potential hidden in deep and machine learning to increase the speed, accuracy, and automation of processes