You are the master of your own destiny! You remain the captain of your journey at Capgemini.

Everything is possible within Capgemini. Everyone – your colleagues, and the leadership will be there wholeheartedly to support you. But do not expect things to be served on a golden plate. People Unit Manager Vincent Toussaint motivates employees to believe in their journey at Capgemini and leads by example.

Growth and Transition

“I was fortunate to join Capgemini ten years ago with a limited technical background. I started as an IT Project Manager at ING, and spent the next 10 years in different capacities as a Project Manager, Engagement Manager, and finally a Delivery Manager within IT roles. And guess what? I survived and thoroughly enjoyed these ten years of my life here!”

“However, over the years, I realized what mattered to me, besides delivering projects, was to focus and support people across my teams. That was when I decided to take on a new challenge as a People Unit Manager for Financial Services Belgium with the objective of connecting people together, improving the onboarding experience of new joiners, and supporting our people in their development.”

You can ‘Get The Future You Want’ here

“Everything is possible within Capgemini. Just look at the incredible journey that we have witnessed within Financial Services Belgium in the last ten years. I agree that it’s not easy to find your path. But, this is where mentors, senior and experienced leaders, and delegates support you.”

“My experience here has been nothing but ‘FANTASTIC.’ One of the key specifics of Financial Services Belgium is that all our practices are grouped under one single People Unit. This ensures that all our colleagues are supported equally and homogeneously. We ensure that we are not stuck in a silo. For example, nothing can stop a JAVA developer to grow into a Product Owner role or an Insurance Business Analyst to evolve into an Agile coach role. People within Financial Services are mastering the future they want! Their personal and professional development is really what matters in Financial Services Belgium. And this is what made my experience unique with Capgemini.”

It’s all about – Teamwork & Trust

“I am grateful to all my mentors, leaders, and managers who trusted me and gave me the opportunity to try things, and sometimes even fail!

“I strongly believe that connecting people together is one of the key factors that make a team successful. This is not just from a delivery point of view but also from a human point of view! So, the idea is to always build a personal link with not just my team members but also with people across different teams.”

“Allowing my team members to take decisions, lead initiatives, and still support them during moments of failure is a part of my DNA. This, along with recognition, for me is the best way for a leader to support people and keep them motivated and happy. This is how you make people’s work meaningful.”

Speak Up – Communicate

“Don’t be scared! Nothing is worse than not communicating about a challenge, even if it is personal. If it’s not spoken out, it will pile up until the red line is crossed. And, more often than not, it is too late by then. Communicate, discuss! I have seen in my previous and current roles, where young people have told me – I didn’t know I could discuss this so openly!”

“If something bothers you – your buddy, your delegates, your mentor, your HR Business Partner, and your colleagues – all are there to support you. But, it can happen only when we know about it.”

Success is very personal

“There is no magic recipe for success. It’s very personal. I feel successful when:
– I am happy about the work the team has done
– I have been able to take other people along with me on the journey and they receive recognition
– My team gets recognition rather than me alone – This is the biggest recognition and that makes me really successful
– My work creates a positive impact on people
– I keep learning and having fun

Apart from success, I truly believe and am convinced that everybody should have any kind of activity that helps you to switch off your brain and take time for yourself – be it cooking, reading a book, crafting, or jogging or anything else.”

“And lastly, if you aspire to build a promising future, I truly believe that one must have certain core values. My core values are – Honesty, Humble, Human, and Trust!”

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