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A strong businesswoman, a compassionate leader, and a patient strategist. This is what best describes Nabila Farhat, Managing Consultant and Account Manager at Capgemini Belgium. With a master’s degree in Business Engineering from HEC Management School-Liège, and a mother of two little girls, Nabila’s journey is a wonderful example of hard work, resilience, and passion for IT. Currently an Account Manager for one of the largest banking groups, Nabila has been nominated as the Young ICT Lady of the Year 2023.

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Having joined Capgemini in 2010, she has played different roles within the organization – starting as a Junior Tester and growing stronger with each position. A people person, Nabila has made a strong impact on people around her, be it the clients, IT Consultants, or her own colleagues, helping them grow, and find their way in their journey.

Building Bridges Between People

In a career spanning over two decades, Nabila has seamlessly transitioned from being a Junior Tester / Test Engineer to becoming an IT Consultant and leading a responsible team of 7-8 IT specialists. It is her dedication, commitment, and passion for IT projects that helped her discover the importance of team working and her affinity with people management. She learned how to build bridges between business and IT projects.

Over the years, Nabila has succeeded across multiple roles such as Analyst specializing in Channels environment, Project Manager- where she led a cross-domain team of 7-8 people, Scrum Master, and Product Owner. Acquiring all these experiences and embracing new challenges in an environment of constant adjustments allowed Nabila not only to grow as an individual but also as an ICT Lady.

Having successfully delivered multiple projects for the same client, she earned the client’s trust and confidence in her skills and expertise.

Leadership and People Management

Her transition into the role of an Account Manager came in February 2021. Despite the several challenges, Nabila could stay strong in her new role due to her exceptional knowledge of the market, her technical expertise, and her relationship and rapport with the client. Nabila took charge of the account at a time of extreme challenges and since then managed to rebuild the trust of the client with Capgemini. Today, she is known to be the pillar of the account. With her human leadership style, she is highly valued by the client, by the management, and also by 200+ Capgemini consultants working with her.

As someone who likes to get the best out of people, Nabila has successfully managed the ‘Reward and Recognition’ initiative, built and led an ecosystem for people to grow, learn, and connect with each other, and has provided multiple pieces of training across multiple domains. She is extremely passionate about ‘Diversity and Inclusion and believes that a diverse and inclusive workplace is one that makes everyone feel equally involved and valued in all areas irrespective of who they are or what they do for the business. She is also part of the WoMen@Capgemini community and wants to raise her two daughters in a sustainable world without cultural or gender discrimination.

As a role model for IT consultants in Capgemini, Nabila’s people-centric skills make her stand out amongst her peers and it is one of the main reasons why she has reached such great heights.

The ‘Young ICT Lady of the Year’ will be an additional feather on her extremely successful career graph and her journey will inspire many more women to pursue a career in IT in the near future.

While the Young ICT Lady of the Year award will be held in February 2023, the voting line closes on December 23. Our support and encouragement will go a long way to help Nabila win this prestigious award.

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Please note that voting lines close on December 23.