Mark Fischer

As the North American head of Intelligent Automation in Financial Services for Capgemini Business Services, I lead the team who design, develop, deploy and maintain Intelligent Automation.  This includes: Robotic Process Automation, Process Mining, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing solutions.

My team provides solutions for Finance & Accounting, Human Resources, Master Data Management, and other common business processes. I am also the principal advisor for Capgemini’s North America Intelligent Automation practice for financial services, advising Banking, Insurance and Wealth Management clients on how to scale their automation journey taking it to the next level by adopting a “digitally-augmented workforce” strategy.

I have over five years of experience in automation development leadership, and over twenty years of experience in software engineering. Prior to Capgemini, I was a major account executive for a major RPA and IDP software company and I have led, As CTO, the Development, Delivery and PMO, for a major U.S. financial institution, many business process automation projects using various technologies. My early background is in Global Securities Trade processing, where I lead a team that helped establish certain settlement standards known as ISITC for SWIFT securities settlement messages, I was the product owner for SWIFT and ISITC at a Global US based bank, and I have been in IT executive leadership for over a decade.

Mark Fischer

My experience

Director, North American Head of Intelligent Automation for Financial Services @ Capgemini

Sep 2018 - Present

Senior Director, Major Account Executive @ RPA Technology Platform company

Oct 2016 – Sep 2018

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Mark Fischer

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