Digital Customer Experience

Gregory Lempereur

Expert in CRM, Digital Customer Experience, Digital Strategy, Ecommerce, Mobile, User Experience

I am a digital specialist truly passionate about the impact of digitalization of companies on people and organizations. Joining experiences working for web digital agencies and Capgemini, using creativity, agility and management skills, i engage teams to support digital transformation and business growth.

With broad experience in B2C and B2B industry. Focus on customer experience and interested in tackling challenges and improving collaboration, I am helping brands to design their Digital Strategy and to propose the best customer engagement experience within e-commerce, CRM, marketing automation, mobile, digital-in-store.

Used to work in companies where culture and values play a big part in everything and to collaborate efficiently with cross-functional teams. Highly adept with technology, able to deliver timely and high-quality business results, I am ready to engage further discussion with you.

Gregory Lempereur

My experience

Head of Digital Commerce @ Capgemini


Head of Digital Agency @ Information Technology and Services

10/01/2013 to 08/20/2014

Head of Projects Unit @ Internet

08/03/2010 to 09/24/2013

Senior Project Manager @ Capgemini

09/22/2004 to 08/17/2010