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Rens Huizenga

Expert in Cloud Services (global)

I support customers to move their application landscape to the cloud. Based on the cloud strategy, the business case and assessment performed, a cloud transformation roadmap is drafted during the detailed assessment phase consisting of:

  • Apps Migration to Cloud : to create and execute an applications migration project that takes all perspectives into account —business, technical, financial, staffing, end-user, and service provider—so you can maximize the business value and minimize the costs, complexities, and disruptions.
  • Application Modernization Services: to design the right strategy for rehosting, redeploying, revising, refactoring, rebuilding, and/or replacing applications via the cloud to optimize the cost and efficiency of your entire application portfolio.
  • Cloud Native build: to rebuild applications from scratch on the cloud platform
Rens Huizenga

My experience

Vice President - Cloud Modernization Global Offer Lead @ Capgemini

July 2019 – Present

Vice President - Cloud Delivery Executive Europe @ Capgemini

May 2015 – Present

Vice President - Delivery Director Sector Public @ Capgemini

Sept 2012 – May 2015

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Rens Huizenga

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