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Tim Ulrich

Expert in Automation Technology (global), Innovation Strategy

Tim Ulrich manages intelligent automation and robotic process automation (RPA) solutions across Europe, helping clients to increase process quality and efficiency, and reduce cost by deploying leading automation technologies.

Tim works for Capgemini’s Business Services’ technology transformation team, which delivers client solutions from RPA factories in Poland, India, Guatemala, and Brazil. This ranges from automation opportunity qualification and requirement gathering related to development and testing, to running unattended automation in scale within the client’s premises or within Capgemini’s Virtual Delivery Center.

Tim Ulrich

My experience

Senior Director Technology Transformation - AI & RPA | Business Services @ Capgemini


Manager at Global BPO CTO Team @ Capgemini

05/12/2009 to 02/08/2018

Managing Consultant @ Capgemini

01/16/2008 to 05/19/2009

Managing Consultant @ Information Technology and Services

01/05/1999 to 12/18/2007

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