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Fernand Khousakoun

Expert in Business Process Management

I am bringing my BD with BPM to Capgemini Account exec in order to leverage those platform to differentiate. How leveraging BPM to obtain faster ROI.

Fernand Khousakoun

My experience

Vice-President - Digital Customer Experience @ Capgemini

01/01/2017 to Present

BPM GSL - Business Development Lead @ Capgemini

07/14/2011 to December 12/31/2016

Head BPM Practice for Europe @ Information Technology and Services Company

08/15/2007 to 09/14/2011

Client Partner @ Information Technology and Services Company

09/22/2005 to 04/24/2007

Principal Consultant @ Information Technology and Services Company

09/17/1998 to 09/14/2005