Tackling Adobe experience cloud with the Data and Content explosion

Capgemini Belgium invites you to its seminar on Adobe experience cloud on October 19, from 16h30 until 20h, at Van der Valk Hotel Brussels Airport.

In today’s digital world, we are all witnessing a content and data explosion.

It offers our customers the ability to expect more and more from your offers and services and makes the eCommerce focus of your company key. Across a multitude of channels, your marketeers need to be able to respond on ad hoc circumstances and push the most accurate commercial offers at an almost real-time pace.

Exactly these challenges showcase the need for an integrated platform that centralizes data going from assets to campaign metadata, online & offline behavioral information and product data.

At Capgemini Belgium we stay 2 steps ahead of this digital content & data explosion. And most importantly, make our expertise and solutions tangible towards our clients.

With an award-winning experience on content management and our team of Adobe analysts/developers/project managers & UX designers, we provide end-to-end customer journey design & implementation guidance. Thanks to various international Adobe projects & being Adobe’s partner of the year we can continuously leverage our experience and lessons learned.


Van der Valk Hotel Brussels Airport (Culliganlaan 4b, 1831 Diegem, Belgium)


  • 16h30: Welcome Coffee
  • 17h: Presentations
  • 18h30: Reception


  • Introduction
  • The business problem – Content, data & design velocity to address growing customer expectation
  • How can Adobe empower you
  • Demo
  • Q&A