Join us at Oracle OpenWorld 2019 and rapidly move to the cloud!

Rapidly move to the cloud with Oracle!
Join us at booth#1301

Join us at this year’s Oracle OpenWorld event to meet Capgemini Experts who will help organizations discover the best journey to adopt for shifting to the Oracle Cloud.

As a Cloud Premier Platinum Partner, we are proud to be partners with Oracle for over 22 years. With our comprehensive and fully integrated suite of Oracle Cloud applications including PaaS, SaaS, IaaS and many more, we help customers in new ways to transform their businesses.

Visit the Capgemini Booth#1301 at the South Exhibition Hall in the Moscone Centre. Visit our amazing demos at the booth, enter into a lucky draw and win some really cool prizes!

Capgemini receives five Global Oracle Awards in 2019, for our Cloud Services, expertise in API Management & MicroServices, Oracle NetSuite – SuiteSucess Alliance awards. Read more on our Oracle Partner site.

Discover how you can automate 50% to 70% of your migration activities when moving to cloud with our ‘Rapid upgrade to cloud tool’. Listen in to the podcast:

Join our speaker sessions and demos at booth to win exciting prizes!

ENECO and Capgemini Implement the Largest Oracle Cloud Project in Dutch Market

The Dutch energy market is in continuous movement around topics impacting society such as the energy transition, climate change, and sustainability. Working with Capgemini, ENECO, a leading Dutch energy company, evaluated the business impact of transitioning to a new cloud solution. Join this session to learn how the seamless transition to the Oracle Cloud saved costs, provided business agility, and adhered to security and compliance,  thereby adding value with innovative solutions.

SPEAKERS: Marjolein Holsboer, Vice President & Account Executive, Capgemini
                         Mario Suijkerbuijk, CIO, ENECO, Eneco
Monday, September 16, 09:00 AM – 09:45 AM | Moscone South – Room 159A


Cloud Transformation: Client Journeys to the Ultimate Destination

It is a foregone conclusion that enterprises will adopt cloud technology in some way shape or form. However, companies take different paths to adoption. In this session hear from experts and customers regarding approaches and choices for cloud transformation including lift and shift, adopting around the edge, and full business transformation.

SPEAKERS: Matt Haller , Vice President, Capgemini
Tuesday, September 17, 03:15 PM – 04:00 PM | Moscone West – Room 2007A


Managing Business Services in the Cloud: Next-Gen Application Development and Maintenance

 Businesses want to balance technology competitiveness, business goals, and ROI on IT spend. Clients are looking for advice on IT-led process improvement, technology development, and innovation. In this session, see how Capgemini’s digital managed services model is the next-generation application development and maintenance service. Learn how it aligns Capgemini’s application maintenance service to fulfill client goals and deliver 3x the commercial impact of existing client spend.

SPEAKERS: Bala Vaidyanathan, Head of Solution Center & Managed Services
                        Anupa Rout , Vice President, Capgemini
Monday, September 16, 10:00 AM – 10:45 AM | Moscone West – Room 2011B


Oracle Cloud for the Staffing and Services Industry: Platform for Growth

In today’s technology-driven environment, staffing and services companies face myriad challenges to remain relevant and competitive. In this session hear from Mastech Digital and Capgemini on the staffing and services industry challenges, and learn how Mastech Digital is leveraging Oracle Cloud (financials, PPM, HCM, recruiting) as a platform for growth today and in the future. Learn about Capgemini’s Services Direct solution that offers proven functionality for the staffing and services industry.

SPEAKERS: Chris Romac, Senior Manager, Capgemini America, Inc
                       Brian Girouard, Vice President, Capgemini
                       Vishwanath Shetty, Senior Vice President, HR, Mastech Digital
Monday, September 16, 11:15 AM – 12:00 PM | Moscone West – Room 2009A


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Microservices for Future Growth: Building It Right, At Speed

Entercard chose Capgemini to build its microservices platform. The platform is built entirely within Oracle Cloud Infrastructure using Oracle API Platform Cloud, Oracle Data Integration Platform Cloud, Oracle Identity Cloud, and Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes to host Kafka. and complemented by MySQL. The agility of Oracle Cloud made it possible to architect and deploy a modern, secure, scalable, future-proof microservices platform in just weeks. In this customer-focused session, hear about the experience of architecting in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to support business goals within an ambitious timescale.

SPEAKERS: Chris Hollies, Oracle Cloud Architect, Capgemini UK Plc
                       Axel Lefebure, Head of Digital Proposition & Design, ENTERCARD
Monday, September 16, 01:45 PM – 02:30 PM | Moscone South – Room 151D


Chatbot Best Practices and Design Patterns

Bots are the future. In this session, learn how to build a bot in the best possible way for different use cases. Learn patterns for designing and building a chatbot, including intent classification, entity-driven, and multibot. And see how to plan the implementation lifecycle and exception handling within the bot.

SPEAKERS: Ruben Rodriguez, Cloud & Mobile Solution Specialist, avanttic
                       Soham Dasgupta, Mobile & Cloud Specialist, Capgemini N.V
Tuesday, September 17, 12:30 PM – 01:15 PM | Moscone West – Room 3018


Meet our Experts at our Demo Lounge at booth#1301:

Demo stations will be set up at the booth where our Experts will take you through following solutions.

Innovation and Business Outcomes

  1. RapidUpgrade2Cloud (RU2C)
  2. Oracle Advantage Series
  3. Capgemini 50/50
  4. Oracle Revline

Managing Business Services 

  1. OIDA – Chatbot
  2. EZTranz
  3. Business Process Focus

Domain Solutions

  1. Factory of the Future
  2. After Market Service
  3. Staffing Direct
  4. iTPRM
  5. Intelligent Chatbots / Assistants
  6. Source to Pay (OIC)
  7. Blockchain Bank Guarantee

Methodology – How we deliver? 

  1. CloudNow
  2. Digital Managed Services
  3. Digital Delivery Framework
  4. Digital ERP Transformation

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September 15, 2019
September 19, 2019
Moscone Centre, San Francisco, CA