Capgemini: AI for Good Global Summit 2020

Ethical AI for Good – how can your government achieve it?

As proud Gold sponsors of the AI for Good Global Summit 2020, Accelerating the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations, Capgemini invites you to listen to the sessions below


With 400+ participants and 17 guest speakers, including a public sector CIO and 3 governmental AI policy officers, the event fostered dialogue on how best to unlock the potential of data and analytics with AI. With 80 countries registered, this momentum underscored that global issues need to be addressed on a global level.

From Colombia to South Korea, France to India, national strategies on AI have been flourishing, highlighting one critical need – to serve humans with the best technology, underpinned with an ethical purpose.

In our 2.5-hour workshop on October 29, Capgemini’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) experts and leaders from the public sector showcased tangible client success stories that have been delivered in a public sector context and demonstrated how governments can achieve ethical AI.

Following the introduction, our workshop embarked on a two-part journey. The breakout sessions were supported by moderators and included a Q&A exchange:


Time: 40 mins
Description: In the introduction of our virtual plenary, Capgemini’s Perform AI leaders and esteemed speakers from the governmental and public sector arena provided context for how technology, policy, and values must come together to achieve impactful strategies.


Time: 45 mins
Description: In the first breakout session, participants were given the choice to join their preferred virtual room for further discussions on the following topics around ethical AI: Human agency and oversight, Data Privacy, Accountability & Explainability, Transparency, and Non-discrimination.


Time: 45 mins
Description: In the second breakout session, participants could join their preferred virtual room for further discussions on the following topics regarding AI and SDGs: Environment and Mobility, Zero hunger and Food sustainability, Health, AI and Information, Quality education, and Justice.

Watch our Client Demo Video

In the below video, the team from the Paris Regional Health Authority and Capgemini Invent describes the development of the STEP tool, an AI-driven prediction tool to anticipate and monitor Covid-19 crisis trends and hospital bed occupancy, both at times of crisis and to support decision-making in everyday health care.

Breakout Sessions:

Event details

October 29, 2020
Virtual Event

Delivering National AI strategies – at the crossroads between technology, policy and values


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