Anil Shadija

Anil Shadija, Senior Engagement Manager, Digital Learning Operations, Capgemini’s Business Services

A day in the life of Capgemini’s Digital Learning Operations’ teams.

Organizations have experienced disruption from Digital across all corporate functions—and Learning and Talent Management is no exception. It, too, has seen massive changes in how learning is created, curated, delivered, and absorbed by learners, enabling organizations to be better prepared and skilled in a world of fast-changing skills sets and competing global demand.

The importance of investing in people skills has never been as significant as it is today. But while organizations have recognized the need to train and reskill their workforce, “how” we adapt digital learning and “who” can help us remain unanswered.

Capgemini’s Digital Learning Operations (DLO) offering—a set of services that provides a consumer grade employee experience for attracting, growing, and retaining the talent—address these questions for both our clients and the Group. DLO helps our clients create, deliver, and administer learning content for millennial and Gen-Z learners using proven processes, tools, and methodologies

I invited Innovation Nation to come to Mumbai and learn more about this interesting offering, and what our DLO team is doing to help drive digital learning for our clients.

8:00 am

The APAC DLO team starts their day with an APAC client. This leading global CPRD company wants to drive automation in a structured way to improve productivity by 15% across its processes. The team is working with automation experts from the client team to provide a platform for them to imbibe and learn automation principles, tools, and technologies.

They have built mock ups using the Sharepoint platform and plugins such as LMS 365, Microsoft Flow, Power BI, and others, to create a platform that enables learners to interact using expert forums, dashboards, curated content, leaderboards and role-based trainings, and certifications.

10:30 am

Teams supporting the EMEA regions start to arrive—a diverse mix of instructional designers, technical writers, visualizers, illustrators, animators, developers, and QA specialists, which together form a cohesive team with a single objective of providing end-to-end learning services for our clients.

11:00 am

Time for the team standup meeting—a short 15-minute meeting to take stock of the work in progress and to identify potential risks to the day’s planned deliverables. Each team member provides a quick update on what was completed yesterday, what is planned for today, and any “show stoppers.” Based on these updates, the team leads reassign tasks or add additional helping hands to ensure the deliverables are not missed. Everyone is mindful of the benchmarks the team has set to ensure on-time delivery 95% of the time.

11:45 am

The teams are busy with their projects. The learning administration team is busy analyzing new requests from a Capgemini Academy in Netherlands. The team acts as an extension to the Netherlands team, operating seamlessly to track all work through a common SharePoint portal that provides insights into requests, incidents, and training activities to be supported for the day. Tickets are assigned to relevant teams and technical issues get escalated.

The learning administration team also extends these services to some of our other clients—some small, some large with 28,000 users—spread across 90 countries, and supported from five delivery locations. The team takes care of all learning administration activities end-to-end, from scheduling, sending out invites, registrations, and logistics, to keeping track of everything. They use business intelligence tools such as PowerBI, which provides insights real-time data for each request by geography, clients, and ticket type, etc.

2:00 pm

The EMEA team is making the last few tweaks for one of their largest client’s in the EMEA region—a large organization engaged in the aerospace and defense sectors. Capgemini has partnered with this client to drive their digital learning vision and has a target to convert over 500 classroom trainings into digital format that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

3:00 pm

It’s always exciting to see behind the scenes footage from Hollywood blockbusters created using computer graphics. But we weren’t expecting to see the graphic design team building eLearning content for one of the biggest studios in Hollywood using the same style of animation. The team’s ability to translate ideas into a script and subsequently a complete animation or video, which becomes an essential element in the overall learning, is truly remarkable

4:30 pm

A lot of thought and hard work goes into the initial design phase, so we head to a team meeting on how to create training for complex topics such as additive manufacturing and 3D printing. A leading company in the manufacturing space has requested training on using 3D printers to prototype components for aircrafts before moving them into mass production. While 3D printing has taken the manufacturing sector by storm, a lot of thought goes into how the component is modeled and built.

The team had just finished a workshop with the client subject matter experts to understand the subject area and learning objectives, and is discussing how this can be made interesting and intuitive for the learner. Ideas around using 3D, including use cases in content and evaluation techniques, are discussed, resulting in a high-level design document that goes to the client.

6:00 pm

After a quick check that all deliverables are on track for the day, the team leads head to a meeting to review an RFP from one of the world’s leading multination banks headquartered in UK. This client is looking for a strategic learning partner to manage the entire learning function—from curriculum design, finalization of delivery channels, content curation, learning administration, to vendor management.

This is something the team sees very frequently—clients looking to consolidate their learning operations, drive efficiencies, reduce costs, and improve ROI through a strategic global partner.

The next steps and actions are assigned to various team members, each taking ownership of the area of their expertise, and teams disband to start the work.

7:00 pm

The learning administration team heads for a webinar on the latest version of the LMS platform from their partners SumTotal. The new release promises to bring the digital experience to learners, providing a Netflix like experience with content structured in channels, an elastic search function, multimodal learning (listen, watch, read, practice), and social learning.

The team has partnered with Skillsoft and SumTotal to bring two of the best learning products—Percipio and SumTotal—to their customers. The webinar has many in the team excited to try out these new features and start deploying them for their clients.

8:30 pm

The day ends with a review session with a client in the US—one of the world’s leading multinationals with business in aviation, healthcare, power, and lighting. The client is rolling out a new PLM solution based on the Enovia platform, and the team has created classroom training content that will be used by the client to train its key users. The team has also created “how to” videos that provide a quick and easy way to train end users on using the tool to perform their daily tasks.

The team has successfully completed all the training materials using digital adaption tools such as Walkme to enable faster adaption of the new platform. The platform not only provides context-sensitive just-in-time training, but also provides strong analytics on application usage and common mistakes, etc., that enables the team to revise and update training.

Goodbye and goodnight

What an absolutely fantastic day! Thank you to the DLO team for opening up their doors and sharing exciting insights into how they create powerful learning experiences for our clients and their employees. And thank you to Innovation Nation for giving us the opportunity to showcase what we do.

Anil Shadija is a learning design and delivery professional with over 16 years of experience in content design, platform implementation, learning administration and employee performance support systems. He is experienced in setting up and managing large teams spanning multiple countries and across industry sectors.