Gustavo Tasner

On Capgemini Guatemala’s 10th anniversary, Gustavo Tasner, Head of Americas Delivery Network, recounts the journey to becoming a state-of-the-art delivery center, and shares his vision for the exciting road ahead.

Hello Gustavo. Could you start by giving us a brief history of Capgemini Guatemala and your role in it?

Gustavo Tasner: Our presence in Guatemala goes back to before we signed our first formal contract with Coca-Cola in 2008. Prior to this, we supported a number of US-based clients leveraging a local third-party partner, which gave us the opportunity to learn about the quality and potential of our delivery capability in Guatemala, and the benefits in terms of availability of talent, cost, and infrastructure.

As a first step, we developed our core competency around order-to-cash (O2C) and collections for the North American (NA) market, which really marked the start of the center. From there, we quickly evolved and expanded our services to additional geographies, clients, and industries, widening our scope of work year on year. This was made possible by being involved with Capgemini’s Global Delivery Network, leveraging experiences and best practices from the other centers, while also developing local talent.

By 2014, we had become a significant center in terms of size and complexity, but needed to take it to the next level. I was tasked with this responsibility and focused on four key areas: ensuring our solutions were not just cost effective but sustainable from a service quality perspective, expansion to complex activities around automation and digital transformation, talent retention and recruitment strategy, and building our internal clients’ confidence in our ability to deliver best-in-class services.

I’m happy to say that our center today is viewed as state-of-the-art within the Global Delivery Network. We have a very strong talent pool and very happy clients, both external and internal, who recognize the quality of service and value we bring to the table. In terms of competitiveness, automation, and transformation, we have shown that we’re truly exceptional!

Could you share a few examples of innovation or outcomes delivered from the Guatemala delivery center?

We’ve seen a number of global initiatives, which were initially created at the Guatemala center, rolled out to other Capgemini delivery centers. We’re also at the forefront of people initiatives through our cutting-edge internal mobility program, which has played an instrumental role in shaping our Global Resource Supply Chain initiatives.

Our innovative use of Capgemini’s Global Process Model© (GPM) and emerging technologies has transformed our O2C process to deliver excellent results in collections. The work we have done for Office Depot and Staples are fantastic cases of success in this area.

Another key differentiator is the use of advanced robotics and automation at the Guatemala center, which has transformed the way we approach transitions: from a “transformation first” to an “automation first” approach, which has already delivered substantial outcomes for our clients. We’ve recently leveraged this approach to deliver a global success story for a major US-based health care player, and we’re looking to replicate this with some of our other clients.

How are you developing the knowledge and skills of your people?

This is an important question. We begin by aligning our local management team around what we want to do and achieve. This is one of our keys to success. We create a yearly plan, assess all of our global initiatives and strategies, and evaluate what Guatemala can do to push the boundaries of our delivery capabilities forward. This alignment is very important as it helps everyone understand what our focus is, making it easier to identify how we want our people to develop.

We also have a schedule of training, especially those focused on senior management and the strategic development of skills. Our fantastic people development program ensures that our key talent always stays with us, including key positions, which means that our center has very low attrition. We believe in continuous improvement and put a lot of emphasis and effort in that direction—this includes our commitment to expand our delivery excellence footprint in the center. We’re very proud of the fact that Guatemala currently has the highest percentage of Six Sigma green belt and black belt resources across Capgemini’s delivery centers.

2018 marks the 10th anniversary of Capgemini Guatemala. Are you doing anything to celebrate?

Of course! We’re organizing a special event that will include workshops around the launch of our digital GEM framework, followed by a big party at the center!

This event will be an opportunity to celebrate with and thank our clients and employees, and will also see executives from across Capgemini’s Business Services and members of Capgemini’s Business Service’s Executive Committee in attendance.

Finally, what does the future hold for Capgemini Guatemala?

Our future is to continue supporting the growth we foresee in the North American market. We need to become more aggressive in terms of how we price our services and put more skin in the game, to drive an impact on cash flow. The introduction of the digital Global Enterprise Model© (GEM) framework will empower us to accelerate the adoption of digital and automation initiatives.

Another key priority for us is to ensure our various services along the finance and accounting (F&A) value chain become more efficient and appealing from a cost perspective. We’re also setting up a new facility to accommodate 500 new positions (with the potential to grow more), as we continue to witness significant growth.

Last year, we grew by an impressive 40%, and we hope to repeat this performance this year. We have an exciting journey ahead and everyone at the center is up for the challenge! With the present business environment and our continuously evolving capabilities, the future looks extremely bright for us. Yes, we have a long way to go to become stronger and more relevant, but this is a great start!

Gustavo Tasner enables BPO solutions and business transformation to our clients in the Americas by developing and leveraging our LATAM capabilities and expertise. Gustavo joined Capgemini 13 years ago and has held different roles across Consulting, HR, and Engagement Management. In 2014, Gustavo was appointed head of Americas Delivery Network.