A holistic approach to transformation of your business operations

Following each of the ESOAR steps thoroughly and sequentially in the correct order to review your business operations is critical to maximizing the chances of success. It not only identifies opportunities to eliminate processes up front, but also gives you the best return on your existing investments in technology and ERP, redirects resources from repetitive tasks towards higher-value business activity, and drives best practice.

It is important to understand each step and the trade-offs. If you’re not able to first Eliminate, Standardize, and Optimize your processes, the application of automation simply won’t deliver on the results you expect.

By re-engineering your processes in the context of intelligent automation, ESOAR sets the agenda for a holistic approach to transformation of your business operations – enabling you to implement straight-through processing and automated solutions, while delivering the enhanced outcomes to your business users.

Simple logic can deliver the best results.

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An effective intelligent automation approach that creates the foundation for AI