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Author: Lanny Cohen
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Whether it’s AI, robotics, or machine learning, how we adapt, combine, and apply them to our business...

Some thoughts on emergence, ants and the unintended consequences of AI and ML

Perhaps the biggest risks from AI and ML are the unintended consequences of large numbers of devices interacting in ways we couldn’t predict. Emergence models give us some view of how this might happen and how to prevent it.

Alexa, hack my business model. With AI.

Artificial intelligence has been put to good use for applications with low complexity, delivering real benefits to users and companies. But what about doing more, an AI-first organization? Amazon has moved AI into virtually all aspects of its business.

The Thrills and spills of working in intelligent automation

Finance & accounting has adjusted to AI. But it’s not just the reputation of AI that interests clients, nor the cognitive functions that can be replicated at scale in F&A. It’s also the reputation of the business delivering it and its track record.

Mrs. Sprat, the AI. Is it time for us to fatten up our lean thinking?

What is “lean thinking” and is it what we really want? Some of us have accepted a lower service level and a less personal experience—it’s the modern way. As we make our processes lean, some of our outcomes have lacked substance.

Quality data, a must have for AI

To fully exploit the possibilities of AI and the promises of truthful predictions and advice, we need data with the right quality. The old saying about computing: “Garbage In, Garbage Out,” is even more problematic with AI and Machine Learning.

Artificial intelligence and the healthcare ecosystem

Artificial Intelligence will be a key enabler for both the transformation and the disruption of the healthcare ecosystem. The technology is emerging from its more traditional academic and back-office orientation and is becoming more mainstream.

Novartis’s new chief sets sights on “productivity revolution”

Within a decade, Artificial Intelligence in R&D will become the norm. The leadership of the Life Sciences companies need to start framing the future. What will the world look like? Life Science leaders must prepare for it or risk disintermediation.

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