Olivier Vandekerkhove celebrates 11 years at Capgemini Belgium

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As I celebrate 11 years at Capgemini/Sogeti as lead of a thriving Digital Assurance & Testing practice, it’s a good moment to reflect on our craft. I’m still convinced that digital Assurance is one of the most exciting, creative and intellectually challenging areas in information technolog

Over the years, I have seen our profession change a lot due to new digital solutions and relentless acceleration of development cycles. All of this has made quality & testing even more important. As organizations have come to depend heavily on digital solutions to run their business, failure has become hugely expensive. In a digital world where frequent and fast change has become the norm, the need for safety nets to control digital risks are a must for every organization.

Good solutions to control risk require smart investment of people, technology and processes.

And although all are important, I value the people aspect most in this mix. Testing requires creative, inquisitive minds who are both technology and business minded. We need people who can explore & challenge digital solutions. They should have an instinct for finding weaknesses that would cause real business impact. Quality professionals are in the mid of all action. They don’t just do the testing for the team, they stand in the team to get testing done together with them. During my career I had the pleasure to work with many interesting professionals who have impressed me in the ways that they interacted with their teams & organizations.

In recent years, there has been an explosive growth in tools & technologies to automate testing tasks, manage testing work and visualize quality of IT solutions. It’s an interesting challenge to integrate this in integrated quality solutions that support continuous pipelines and increase organizational agility. This requires that testing fully adopts the agile & devops mindset. Luckily, the days of the isolated testing team are over and testing is now quality is being truly built into implementation & delivery processes. As an industry we have taken great steps in the shift left mindset. I’m looking forward to do the same for shift right.

We’ll continue to integrate these newly emerging technologies & practices in smart quality solution with smart investment to control risks and increase agility. The future for quality & testing looks bright and interesting!.

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