Across the western trail: Tom Pintelon’s cross country trip across the USA

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I completed the grand odyssey across the US 50 Highway, one of the oldest transcontinental highways of the United States of America. It criss-crosses 12 states from the east coast to the west and follows the pioneer settlers who explored this land in search of their fortune. This highway is rich in history and a traveller’s delight with grand natural sights along the way.

It was a childhood dream of mine to explore the Wild West. This was the new country where the fiercesome Native American warriors lived, buffaloes and caribou roamed and famous cowboys like Wyatt Earp became part of folklore. It also showcases the majesty of nature. From the canyons, forests to the miles of flatlands, USA has an amazing natural diversity and it made this road trip a magical experience.

The story of my road trip is something that cannot be concluded through a blog.


However, there are some memorable people and places that have stayed with me. I am recounting the 6 amazing stories that make US Highway 50 a magical place.

The most beautiful place

After moving from coast to coast crisscrossing 12 states, it is difficult to pick a favorite. The mountains, Canyon Lands, steep valleys and miles of panoramic farmlands have their charm. However, the arches and canyon Lands in the Natural Parks of Utah are just out of this world. It may not be famous as the Grand Canyon of the South, but it was no less beautiful. This is a sight that everyone must see in their lifetime.

A scene I would never forget

All the views in Arches and Canyonlands National Parks; the spectacular blue Lake Tahoe and the endless flatlands of the Midwest (1200 km of nothingness) are memories that will never fade.

The kindest people I have met

I relied on the kindness of strangers throughout my trip. But I should mention the hospitality of waitresses across the eateries on my way. One lady, Deborah waited on me at the Red Hut Café at South Lake Tahoe and we had a nice conversation. It so happened that she had just returned from a trip to Belgium and we exchanged notes about our travels. Just shows that it is a small world after all.

Most interesting person

I met a Vietnam veteran from Texas and spent time with him hiking trails at the Arches National Park in Utah. He was a straightforward military person with a razor-sharp wit and taught me a lot about the world I still have to see.

Best food on the trail

I cannot pick one cuisine as they were all great. But Pasta with Meatballs from a small café in Sacramento, California remains in my taste buds.

Gunnison, a small village in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado with its university town, scholarly atmosphere, tiny shops and cafes nestled among the mountains is my favorite place. I felt at home there.

There are many experiences that I would like to share with readers. This is one road trip steeped in history and give you a sense of wonderment. You are following the trail of many pioneers who went to the great unknown and were instrumental in creating this powerful country.


If you are interested in knowing more about the road trip, drop me an email and I will be happy to guide you.

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