Clockworkman brought down the roof at Genk

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Genk is hosting a 3-day summer festival which attracts performers from all over Belgium. Paul Haesaerts from Capgemini Belgium and his band Clockworkman brought their compositions in Progressive Rock, to wow the crowd. Talent Belgium caught up with Paul to talk about his music, inspirations, and future music aspirations.

Why the unusual band name Clockworkman?

It has a nice metallic ring to it. We were a bunch of technological nerds who loved music and were interested in musical innovation and experimentation. In our songs we experiment with composition, sounds and rhythmic figures, pushing the envelope of rock music. Our band also uses a lot of gear to create “Prog Rock” and this requires precision and an engineering mindset. Everything has to fit like the intricate gears of a clock with exact timing. So we are the Clockworkman.

Tell us more about the band?

We are friends from university but now live and work scattered across the country. Our shared interest in music keeps the band alive.  Every song is born from a feeling that was triggered by an image, a news report or something I heard on the radio.  I write the basic riffs and melodies and take these rough ideas to the others to work together and refine it. There were times when I went overboard with the arrangements but my friends have been the practical counterweight to polish the composition. Our unique creative process often takes the form of an executive meeting where ideas are thoroughly challenged to uplift the outcome.

Once the music is ready, we find the time to practice and perform even through our demanding professional schedule. We travel a lot to play in Cafés, Clubs and music festivals from the Coast, all the way to the German Border and it is like a shared road trip for each one of us.

What is your role?

I play the guitar. It is like a hobby that got out of hand. The technology excites me and I enjoy crafting unique rhythms and soundscapes with both new and vintage gear. Guitars from the fifties, combined with effect pedals from the seventies played through modern-day amplifiers create our signature sound.

Apart from that, I also do a lot of graphic work and help in marketing the band. Aligning the music, artwork, and lyrics is fun and challenging.

How do you find time and energy to balance your work and music?

If you love it, you make time for it. My passion for music fuels and spills over to other domains of creativity that are key in my professional life as a marketer. Playing music is really energizing and is an effective stress buster.

Want to know more about Clockworkman? You can follow their Facebook page or talk to Paul Haesaerts about their upcoming shows.

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