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DevOps – integrate Oracle Developer Cloud with Slack

DevOps is more than just putting people from the development team and the operations team in one room and telling them they are now a DevOps team. One of the most important parts of building a DevOps team is ensuring you have social integration in the team. Within the highly automated footprint of the common DevOps environment this social integration is between people, however, it also involves integration and interaction between people and the automation tooling used for the continues delivery process.

One of the solutions to provide a platform for social integration and continues interaction is Slack. A lot of DevOps teams turn to to make use of the service and provide a way to constantly interact with other team members in a mobile fashion. As part of the general ask within DevOps teams the question arises to also include the automation tooling into the slack chats so everyone can be updated constantly about events happing in the deployment landscape and directly discuss this.

Oracle provides a direct integration between the Oracle Developer Cloud Service and Slack. This helps customers to ensure that, without coding, events are communicated to slack at the precise moment they happen. As an example, whenever someone creates a merge request or conduct a push to Git on the Oracle Developer Cloud service you can have a message on your slack channel. Informing all DevOps team members about what is happening.

The below image showcases a commit of new code to the DevOps Git repository on the Oracle Developer Cloud while making use of the standard implementation method. A full article describing this functionality can be found on this weblog.

Having this type of integration improves the awareness of everyone in the DevOps team as well as it improves the social interaction, quality and speed of your DevOps team.

In case you are interested in more information around the best practices of building a DevOps strategy and/or what Capgemini can provide as an Oracle Managed Service Provider for the Oracle Cloud is this area, feel free to contact Johan Louwers directly via email.

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