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CERN and Orace Big Data solutions

CERN is known for the cutting edge research they are conducting. For people interested in the technology used to analyze the data it will come not as a surprise that CERN is heavily depending on Hadoop like solutions to crunch numbers.

CERN is working on another project named Future Circular Collider. The Future Circular Collider (FCC) study aims to develop a conceptual design for a particle accelerator infrastructure in a global context, with an energy significantly above that of previous circular colliders (SPS, Tevatron, LHC). It will explore the feasibility of different particle collider scenarios with the aim of significantly expanding the current energy and luminosity frontiers. It also aims to complement existing technical designs for linear electron/positron colliders (ILC and CLIC). In short, this is a big project that carries with it big implications and even bigger sets of data.

For this specific project CERN is using solutions from Cloudera and Oracle. I recently published a post on the website which outlines how CERN is is using this solution.

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