Payment Service Bureau

The payment landscape keeps changing which makes it harder for organizations, large and small, to connect with different financial institutions. By centralizing your payments onto a single system, you can simplify payment handling. Find out how to deliver payments to your banks simply, correctly, and timely.

Gain Control over Your Payments Handling

Today, financial managers face different challenges:

  • Reducing working capital and fraud risk
  • Following strict payment authorizations and control payments
  • Dealing with ongoing changes in your company’s internal systems
  • Respecting regulatory changes and industry initiatives

By creating a single point of access for your payments, you can gain control over payments, overcome internal and external changes and secure the continuity of your payment processes.

Payment Service Bureau: One Simple Point of Access

The Payment Service Bureau offers financial managers a complete portfolio of solutions for your day to day operations. You can overcome the complexity of format changes and specific needs for credit transfers, direct debits, cumbersome connectivity and bank specific portals and authorization facilities. This gives full control back to treasury managers, cash manager, and managers and empowers them to focus on the core business of their organization.

Leading Experts in Payments

As an accredited SWIFT service partner, we have supported private and public organizations as well as financial institutions. Nidera, international manufacturer, successfully reduced risks thanks to the Payment Service Bureau to deal directly with banks fast and securely.

For over a decade, we have been a leading thought leader in payments where our annual World Payments Report outlines the latest developments in payments and cards, looks at key industry regulations, and explores upcoming changes for the next decade. With a strong list of clients and expertise, you can depend on our teams to optimize your payments.

Experience our payments expertise

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