Application Outsourcing for Automotive OEMs

Automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are spending an increasing amount of time and money resolving operational issues, leaving fewer resources for strategic development.

Capgemini can help you implement application outsourcing to free up valuable resources.

The Benefits of Automotive Application Outsourcing

Capgemini works with you to develop and implement application outsourcing programs that yield significant benefits:

  • Improved service: our globally managed, regionally planned and implemented transition process ensures seamless service delivery and knowledge transfer
  • Lower costs: our industrialized, low-cost model helps you pay for investments in larger scale transformation programs and strategic initiatives
  • Enhanced convergence: we help you centralize maintenance to improve application availability and reliability
  • Increased thought leadership: outsourcing applications management enables you to shift your focus to strategic initiatives in order to boost innovation and gain a competitive edge

The benefits of successful application outsourcing also extend to broader business improvements through more effective processes, enhanced vendor collaboration and streamlined implementation of long-term improvement initiatives.

Supporting the Transformation Lifecycle

Capgemini follows a 3-phase approach to automotive application outsourcing that enables OEMs to achieve significant cost savings and sustainable business improvements throughout the transition, maintenance and transformation phases:

  • Transition: enabling smooth cutover to ensure service delivery with minimal risk and zero business disruption
  • Maintenance: providing ongoing support for applications to improve service and reduce costs
  • Transformation: rationalizing applications to improve effectiveness and boost savings

Our global transition team of dedicated project management experts follows a proven methodology and strict reporting guidelines to ensure seamless coordination throughout the outsourcing process.

Innovative and Cost-Effective Solutions

Capgemini has worked successfully with automotive clients around the world for over 40 years, with significant growth in recent years in the outsourcing arena.

This experience enables us to tailor our outsourcing approach to the specific needs of automotive companies, particularly OEMs.

For example, General Motors (GM) selected Capgemini to assist GM's Information, Systems and Services organization to support some of the program’s key strategic elements, including the management of enterprise-wide application integration, which provides enterprise-level strategic planning, architecture, program management and verification/validation services.