Warehouse Management App

Empower your team to get better results with our Warehouse Management APp powered by Capgemini

A Better Warehouse Solution

Maintaining the accuracy of stock transactions is one of the core difficulties facing warehouse staff. That is why empowering your team is key to optimising warehouse processes and leads to a more agile supply chain. With real-time Capgemini Mobile Logistics applications, your staff will be equipped to better determine how to save space, time, and resources while reducing errors and redundancies. Made to fit your current SAP system our highly intuitive application will improve inventory management through better insight into inventory location and stock visibility, space utilisation, multiple touch redundancies, and picking optimisation. Our experts are well equipped to provide the perfect solution to meet your warehouse needs.

The Key Benefits

Reduce Warehouse Costs
Maximise use of resources, save time, reduce redundancies, savings on hardware and scale of wifi coverage.
Increase Productivity & Visibility
Empower staff with more transparency to better execute picking, put away, bin-to-bin transfers, and stock enquiries. Offers full logging of all transactions for a complete audit trail as well as insights into key KPIs for tracking staff performance
Mobile & Real-time
No longer need to transact data manually on a desktop with an app that is as mobile as your staff. Point of activity reports in real-time to fulfil delivery.
User friendly app that offers clear guidance to team members.
Full Warehouse Coverage
No more “black spots” with a seamless shift from secure operating system VPN to 4G mobile which is automatic and indistinguishable to the user.
Offers offline mode when needed.
Fast & Easy to Implement
Coded as an out of the box solution without needing extensive custom configuration yet has the flexibility to be customised to your requirements.

App Capabilities

  • Full integration with SAP ECC, SAP ByDesign, and SAP S/4HANA
  • Leverages SAP-UI 5 user experience providing a familiar look and feel to Fiori
  • Integrates fully with your existing RF solutions to allow a seamless transition from your old RF solutions to a modern user interface in a phased manner if required 
  • Comes deployed as a Fiori web application (where supported), Windows application, Android Application or iOS Application
  • Multiple Warehouse Support 
  • Will run on all modern PDA style scanners supporting/using 1D, 2D, RFID and NFC scanning technologies 
  • App can run via 3G wireless allowing you to implement a “green-fields“ or “seasonal“ warehouse without requiring any specific infrastructure installation 
  • Can be deployed into 3PL managed warehouses for direct updating of stock movements in your warehouses

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