Stephanie Simons

I am proud to work for a company that fully supports me to be the best version of myself – by empowering me with flexible work I can spend time with my daughter and be trusted to deliver what is required in my role.

When and how did you join Capgemini?

I joined Capgemini in a somewhat unconventional way – through the RXP integration that concluded in July this year. Prior to that, I was with RXP since 2017, and before that I worked for the Government within the Department of Justice.

I actually studied Psychology, hence my role within Government, but was given the opportunity to pivot my career by RXP, and I haven’t looked back since. Capgemini is a space where I can now continue to grow in my career within the Marketing and Communications space.

What is your role and what is your team all about?

My role is a Talent Brand Manager, which is a hybrid role between HR and Marketing. My focus is on how to elevate the experience of people at Capgemini, and how to support people ino bringing their authentic self to work. Recently my project focus has been on integrations, so I have been lucky to work with a broad range of teams across Capgemini and see how different parts of the business work and see the holistic culture and overall heartbeat of Capgemini.

What is Capgemini all about? What is the heartbeat of Capgemini?

It’s people at the end of the day – people are at the forefront of everything. From my experience working on our recent integrations of RXP, Acclimation and Empired, I have seen firsthand how much Capgemini focuses on people and ensuring that everyone is comfortable even in times of uncertainty and change.

What have been your proudest moments as a woman at Capgemini so far?

As someone who has come to Capgemini through an integration, I have personally experienced how quickly I have felt accepted by my new team. People have been open and supportive. I am proud to work for a company that allows for openness and ease. I am also very proud to have been part of the ‘New Normal’ team that delivered the flexible work policy.

What makes Capgemini a great place for women?

As a woman who has carer responsibilities, I can advocate for the positive experience Capgemini creates for us. I am surrounded by leaders who work flexibly as role models, which empowers me to do the same. I am trusted to deliver what is required and working flexibly is a given. I work Monday to Thursday and spend Friday with my daughter.

During my maternity leave, I felt very removed from my career, wobbly, and doubted if my skills were still valuable, as many people do during a period of extended time away from their career. Therefore working for a company that believes in my skills, and fully supports flexible work, has been very empowering for me, as well as having leaders who supported my return into the workforce, such as my manager at the time- a strong and skilled leader – Bridget Candy.

I am supported to be the best version of myself – I get to fill up my work cup, and my family cup – which means that my focus at work is 110% as I have the energy and support to do both.

How has Capgemini supported getting the future you want?

I have always had very open and honest conversations with my leaders about the work I do and my work-life balance. The leaders around me are very accessible and open to discussions – including our Managing Director Kaylen O’Brien, and our Human Resources Director, Maria Dimpolous. Both of those leaders are very genuine and authentic in conversations which creates a very safe environment for everyone. This is so important. In addition, the feedback I have had from my Capgemini peers is always focused on my growth – I am not berated for mistakes but rather supported to continue to develop. Speaking of growth – I will soon start a new role at Capgemini Invent/Frog as a Marketing Manager! I am excited about this as I will continue to play to my strengths in terms of Marketing and Communications to continue to elevate our company and our amazing people.

What is your advice for other women searching for their next career step?

Jump into new opportunities and continuously ask for support. People are more willing than you might think – they just must know what your goals are. Also, find that person who you look up to and have a conversation. I have had some strong female role models around me who have supported me to pivot my career to match my lifestyle – you can do the same! My mentor once said that the reason she supports and helps develop people is because she was given that same support and opportunity, and so she is driven to do the same for others. That has stuck with me, so I will happily have a conversation with anyone who would like a work-life balance. I know it can be so overwhelming – so let’s take steps to normalise it together.

Stephanie Simons