Phil Davey

Manager, Cloud Services, Sydney

"I love finding ways to solve problems. I ace delivering client value."

Describe your current role at Capgemini.

I began my career at Capgemini three years ago as part of the Graduate program, and currently I’m working as a Manager in the Cloud Services team. My current role is all about working with the various elements of a client’s business (e.g. their people, products, technology, etc.) and identifying opportunities to align those elements to create mutually beneficial outcomes in a way that supports and enables their long term vision and strategy. What this means is I get the chance to be involved with every step of a client’s journey with technology, ranging from sitting with a client to understand how they use technology day-to-day, to building a new framework to enact faster and more cost-effective change, to then helping them turn that framework into a reality.

Explain a day in the life at Capgemini.

Honestly, even though it’s a cliché, the great thing about Capgemini is that every day is different. This means every time I walk into the office I’m faced with new challenges and opportunities to learn and grow. Pretty much the only constant from one day to the next is how much coffee I drink.

What do you love most about your job?

For me it’s getting the chance to work on things that make a tangible impact on a client. Getting the opportunity to see a recommendation or piece of analysis come to life is extremely satisfying, and it makes you feel like you’ve made a tangible impact.

How does Capgemini help support your career growth and aspirations?

By being able to strike the difficult balance between giving you the chance to grow in new, potentially unfamiliar situations, while also providing the support you need to facilitate that growth. At the risk of completely butchering a metaphor, you’ll be thrown in the deep end, but it’s not a sink or swim environment – there’s plenty of guidance, support and coaching to ensure you make the most of any and all roles during your career.

How would you describe the culture at Capgemini?

I find the culture to be amazing, and it’s driven by its people. We have seven core values at Capgemini, and while they’re all instrumental in driving the culture, the one that really resonates with me is ‘Modesty’. Corporate culture is often seen as cold and calculating world, and by placing such value on the spirit of modesty, it really encourages everyone to contribute, regardless of background, age or experience. This creates a very friendly culture both at work and outside of it, and I’ve made some great friends at Capgemini across all levels of the business.

What advice would you give to grads wanting to break into the IT consulting industry?

Consider things holistically. Consulting, particularly IT consulting, is often about small pieces of work with fixed scope. It can be hard sometimes to consider how that fits into the bigger picture – be that within a client’s business or an overall technology strategy. Being able to work on a small piece of the puzzle, and then having the ability to contextualise that into the larger puzzle, is a huge benefit in consulting.

Phil Davey