Nithya Kolanda Reddy Gari

Hear from Nithya on her career relaunch journey at Capgemini

Tell me a bit about your experience in your working career before relaunch? 

I worked as a Game Developer for 3 years. Prior to exiting the workforce, gaming development was exploding so I was a little apprehensive about leaving the industry. 

It was exciting times watching games which I developed go on to the market. But I have no regret taking time for my family. 

What interested you in returning to a career in Tech? 

My heart has always been in technology and I was planning to return to the industry once my family commitments became more manageable. I am very energetic and invigorated and looking forward to growing my career. The normal of being able to work in a hybrid scenario is very appealing and helpful in making the transition back to the workforce. 

What challenges did you face on your journey returning to Tech and How did that make you feel? 

I think the biggest challenge for me is believing that I could reenter. Having a gap of 9 years and starting again in the tech industry was a little nerve-racking. Added to that organising both personal and professional life was little hard at first but now everything seems like normal. I am so happy to have made that leap of faith and pushed myself out of my comfort zone. 

What intrigued you about the Relaunch Program for you to apply? 

The main reason that I felt quite interesting in the Relaunch program is that giving an opportunity to the women who had a break in their career and trying to return to the industry with no current industry experience. 

What have been your proudest moments in the Relaunch Program? 

To join the organisation as one of the first candidates through this Relaunch program and getting the certification done in the new technology within two months of my joining in the industry was the proudest moment for me. 

What opportunities has the Relaunch Program provided you? 

The Relaunch Program has provided me with the opportunity to learn and upskill my career in new technology even after a career break. 

What advice would you have for Women looking to re-join or start a career in Tech? 

It is a wonderful opportunity that Capgemini has been providing for career returners who are really enthusiastic to get back to the workforce. What I feel is that no expectations of the current industry skills and just the zeal to learn new technology. 

Nithya Kolanda Reddy Gari


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