Michelle Butler

Vice President, Head of Managed Services Australia and New Zealand and Executive Sponsor for Women@Capgemini and Women in Delivery (WiD).

Capgemini is a place that advocates for a diverse workforce and prioritises opportunities for women. I have never once felt that my gender has prevented me from doing anything in this company. I have always been true to myself and Capgemini has welcomed me as I am.

What have been your proudest moments at Capgemini?

Some of my proudest moments have come from supporting people in their careers; coaching and guiding them to success and then seeing them achieve. These moments are like gold dust!   Project ‘go lives’ are always proud moments – when you see the work of the team come to life. These are always emotional moments for me.  Other key proud moments for me include being asked to be the Delivery Executive for Toll, and the Head of Managed Services (my current role). I am also very proud to be the Executive Sponsor for Women@Capgemini as well as Women in Delivery. I am truly humbled by the commitment of the Women@Capgemini and Women in Delivery teams and all the amazing initiatives we are driving.

When and how did you join Capgemini? (What was your journey that led you to work at Capgemini?)

I had been following the Capgemini brand for a couple of years – interested, specifically, in what the company was doing in Learning and Development for both employees and for clients. As a keen advocate of lifelong learning, what the company was doing spoke to me on several different levels. An opportunity presented itself in 2001 to join the Oracle team in Capgemini UK …. And I grabbed it with both hands.  Fast forward 20 years –  corporately, we have strengthened our commitment to Talent with a focus on attracting, retaining and developing our team members so they can #GetThe FutureTheyWant.

How has Capgemini supported your career?

The culture at Capgemini is to make opportunities available. At the same time, Capgemini supports everyone to create their own opportunities. We are not rigid – we are entrepreneurial. We are bold – we celebrate that boldness. We look for people who are going to take that in hand and make things happen. Capgemini has enabled my journey by supporting me when I identified opportunities and by making opportunities available.

What makes Capgemini a great place for women?

At Capgemini, we are dedicated to creating opportunities for women and challenging the status quo. This focus on women is about supporting our female team members through their life journey and their career so that they don’t feel that they have to make decisions that limit their careers / options. There is not an ‘either / or’ – it’s about how do we create an environment that allows you to continue your career whilst balancing children, education, caring for others, volunteer work or anything else of your choice.

How are you getting the future you want at Capgemini?

I want a future for myself and others that is not defined by gender, race, age, sexual orientation, … One that respects and celebrates our differences because, in the first instance, it’s the right thing to do while also leading to better decisions for our teams and business. To that end, I’m getting the future I want because I challenge the status quo and create opportunities for others – seeking to provide an environment that is supportive of others. I’m extremely proud to be associated with a company and team that is committed to diversity and inclusion. This is demonstrated by our everyday actions. Finally, I’m a lifelong learner and teacher at heart. Everyday I learn something new whilst sharing what I’ve learned through coaching, mentoring and facilitating training. So, yes, I’m working on the future I want while getting the future I want.

What are you excited about?

I am excited about the growth of our business in Asia Pacific and, specifically, in Australia and New Zealand. Growing the Managed Services team through building our capability and capacity while having an impact on our clients’ businesses keeps me enthusiastic and engaged. Managed Services is all about creating and sustaining long-term relationships with clients and providing long-term value for them.

What advice do you want to give women in STEM?

To the generation deciding what to do next – do not hide your light – if you are good at maths and science – walk proud! Remember, also, that it’s not all about technical skills. Communication, problem solving, organization, are all equally important. To our emerging leaders, we still have some distance to travel – respectfully challenge and ask ‘why not?’.

Michelle Butler