Mary Ensabella

Lead Consultant, People & Organization

I love defining a better future. I ace making it happen.

How do you feel in the morning getting up and going to work at Capgemini?

When I get up in the morning, I feel enthusiastic for the challenges to come in the day and curious about what I’ll be able to learn from them.

What do you love about being a lead consultant?

I love the exposure I have to a large range of organizations and their unique challenges through the variety of different projects I’ve worked on. I get a lot out of developing my own expertise and views through these experiences. My colleagues are also great people to be around, work with, and learn from. I also love that I can define where I want my career to go and am encouraged to develop areas of interest.

How does Capgemini empower you to master your skills as a lead consultant?

At Capgemini, support is just around the corner. All you have to do is ask. I enjoy a mixture of learning by doing with support where required and more formal learning. Capgemini has been a great balance of those types of learning for me.

I also really enjoy finding opportunities to improve Capgemini itself and learn from it. For example, I’ve been trusted to redesign the way my team onboards new joiners and am now working on our recruitment strategy. My ideas have been met with great enthusiasm and encouragement by others and I’ve been able to learn while I make a real difference to our organization.

How does Capgemini help support a sense of purpose in your career?

Capgemini has such a broad range of projects and internal initiatives that I believe there’s something for everyone to get involved with that might help give them a sense of purpose. For me, I get a lot out of helping others work better together. I find this is an inherent part of my projects through our collaboration with our colleagues and clients. I also find it through helping new joiners find their feet and mentoring more junior colleagues.

My colleagues find their purpose in so many different areas. Some find purpose in the challenge of learning new technologies, while others might find it in developing client relationships, industry expertise, or a deep understanding of a cutting-edge topic. I’m sure there are many more examples that I’m not even aware of!

How does Capgemini give you the autonomy to make decisions?

We value everyone’s opinions and ideas. Through this, I have the autonomy to share an idea, hear my colleagues’ thoughts about it to refine it, and then make it happen.

What do you love about the way of working at Capgemini?

My colleagues are friendly and supportive and are there for me when I need help.

I’ve, of course, faced challenges. Instead of struggling through them in isolation, I’ve been able to reach out to others for advice and support. The moments when I’ve done this have been opportunities in disguise as they’ve helped me to build the foundations of meaningful relationships, helping me feel a sense of belonging.

How does this all combine for you to have passion for what you do?

I’m driven by improving the experiences that employees have in their jobs and the ways we work together. I’m lucky enough to get a chance to do that every day at Capgemini.

What was your most memorable moment in your Capgemini journey?

Last year I won a competition to go to the Capgemini University in France to attend a leadership course alongside colleagues from around the world! It was such a great opportunity to learn from some amazing instructors and the other attendees.

What are you an Ace at?

I love defining a better future. I ace making it happen.

Mary Ensabella