UNiversePath Solution

Capgemini’s solution based on SAP S/4HANA® provides nonprofit organizations with a rapid, cost-effective, low-risk route to IPSAS compliance and enhanced collaboration.

The task faced by many non-profit organizations such as United Nations’ (UN) agencies is rewarding, yet complex. In a climate of increased demand for enhanced accountability and transparency, the ambition to create a better world is often hampered by complex or non-standardized business processes, or IT systems that are too complex or expensive to build, maintain or upgrade.

Governments and private donors are, in fact, increasingly asking such organizations to demonstrate their ability to improve their operations, reduce their overlaps and implement seamless inter-agency collaborations, so as to make the most efficient use of their contributions. The state of art ERP systems and IPSAS (International Public Sector Accounting Standards) compliance are both crucial components in meeting these demands. UNiversePath is an “off -the-shelf” solution based on the SAP S/4HANA platform, specifically developed by Capgemini for organizations such as the UN, aimed at delivering IPSAS compliance and introducing operational excellence in their processes.