Regulatory Compliance

Compliance has evolved far beyond simply addressing individual regulations such as Basel III or Solvency II. Today, firms must adopt a holistic view toward compliance, which supports ever-changing regulations through processes, technology, and outcomes

Capgemini’s proven Regulatory Compliance services have helped some of the world’s top financial services institutions address local and regional requirements, while meeting risk management objectives. Chief financial, risk, and IT officers may be in the front lines of compliance—however, employees at all levels must implement evolving regulations and understand why change is necessary.

Basel III

As part of an overall risk management program, our Basel III services help organizations analyze, implement, and refine risk management processes and applications in compliance with Basel III regulations. Capgemini’s Basel III services include:

  • Compliance Assessment
  • Risk Parameter Modeling (PD, LGD, and EAD)
  • Basel III Data Infrastructure
  • Regulatory Reporting
  • Training & Compliance Support
  • Software Selection & Integration
  • Basel III Business Requirements help you translate complex risk regulations into actionable items for your work stream.
  • Basel II vs. Basel III US Final Rule text comparison can be leveraged for business requirement refinement, test case creation, and gap identification.
  • Basel III Reference Architecture provides a template to identify, design, and implement all tenets of a Basel III solution. This encompasses data collection, aggregation, and integration, as well as customer management, product management, and enterprise services.
  • Data Quality Framework for Risk and Data Governance Framework provide clients with a proven data quality scoring methodology to measure and evaluate key risk indicators. These tools enable clients to manage the different aspects of risk data across their organizations. Additionally, our Metadata Framework helps you gain data consistency and transparency from source systems to final reporting.
  • Risk Model Development services leverage Capgemini’s profound knowledge of risk drivers and modeling techniques to help financial institutions meet risk management goals and better differentiate between the risks associated with various portfolio exposure categories.
  • Model Validation templates and guidelines include guidelines and algorithms designed to help maintain your credit scoring tools at a low and affordable cost. We also offer standardized documentation, which provides continuity and transparency to the process for third parties, such as external auditors and regulators.
  • Stress Testing solution allows clients to identify problematic areas in their portfolios by assessing the impact of volatile market conditions across exposure categories.
  • Our repository of Reporting & Analytics templates gives clients access to real world reports, allowing them to select those that best meet their needs.

Learn how Capgemini’s Basel III services can help you achieve your compliance objectives.

Solvency II

The three–pillar Solvency II directive demands change from the front office right through to the back office, and requires IT support at all levels. Capgemini has experience working collaboratively with financial services firms to provide expertise across the entire Solvency II realization. Our Solvency II services can help lower risk management and compliance costs by looking at the full spectrum of risk. Our full implementation helps improve risk and economic capital management, provides auditable processes, and fosters data transparency and cost reductions. Our services include:

  • Solvency II Awareness and Training
  • Compliance Assessment
  • Data Collection & Readiness Assessment
  • Software Selection & Integration

Single Euro Payments Area

The Single Euro payments area (SEPA) has taken great strides to accelerate convergence to a single European payments market. To help meet the SEPA compliance objectives of financial services firms, Capgemini offers:

  • Impact Analysis
  • Strategic Analysis
  • Compliance Support
  • Payment Services Directive (PSD) Business Impact Analysis
  • Consumer Credit Directive (CCD)

Learn about our experience building SEPA services.

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