AI for Education

How can AI help achieve the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and ensure sustainability in education?

Inclusive and equitable quality education for all

The right to education is a fundamental human right, meaning every child and adult, irrespective of race, gender, nationality, ethnic or social origin, religion, or political view, should be able to achieve free primary and secondary attainment and have access to affordable technical, vocational, and tertiary education. As a driver of progress in health and well-being, social equity, trust, and stability as well as empowerment, education shapes the course of national economies and long-term economic growth.

Despite the effort in the field of education towards a sustainable future and the progress in the expansion of universal primary education by 2030, significant challenges persist in the completion rates for secondary and tertiary schooling, hence missing the Sustainable Development Goal 4 “Quality Education.” According to UNESCO, approximately 260 million children and youth had no access to education in 2018. Poverty, armed battles, and regional crises in developing countries in particular hinder the progress of education. Also, the current COVID-19 pandemic has forced most states to temporarily close their schools, as a safety measure. This transition to online learning has exposed significant gaps in school systems and has proven the necessity for technology-assisted learning.

The potential of AI for students and teachers

AI in education can be used to enhance student learning outcomes, promote personalization, and improve the access to education, particularly for girls and vulnerable children. Along Capgemini’s four PublicGoesAI playgrounds, AI technology can be seen in terms of the four following ways to enhance teaching and learning solutions.

Our approach

  • Intelligent automation of teaching materials and processes – Intelligently automating curricula and routine tasks to allocate more time to the most crucial aspect of education and gain efficiency
  • AI-based interaction with students and teachers – Augmenting interaction with children by the use of scalable AI-based educational chatbots, offering personalized advice and support to children and youths, specifically students with disabilities and health impairments, in their learning process
  • AI for detecting educational failures – Identifying patterns with the help of machine learning techniques to detect real-time anomalies and help prevent individual failures with a long-term impact, such as student drop-out
  • Augmenting decision making with AI – Helping educational leaders and schools to leverage data and insights to make more informed decisions, such as personalizing training programs, and predict educational dysfunctions.

National education-focused AI strategies

Around the world, this new potential has been infused in numerous country strategies, ranging from Sweden’s degree programs in AI fields as part of the “National Approach for Artificial Intelligence” to China’s construction of an AI park in the context of its “Next Generation Artificial Intelligence Development” or the Netherlands’ STAP-scheme, a 200 million euro investment to offer AI training opportunities and digital skills for citizens, mentioned in the report “Strategic action for artificial intelligence.”

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Featured Testimonials

Iulian Vlad Serban, CEO, Korbit Technologies

"AI can be used to deliver high quality, effective, personalized education."

Dalia Bahous, Managing Consultant – Capgemini Invent

“The solution should be to enhance AI and accelerate education – but also to reach a larger portion of the population and accelerate education for all.”

AI for Education

Quality education is key to societies’ sustainability – and must be served equally and for all. The SDG 4 clearly establishes the need for inclusive and equitable quality education and promotes lifelong learning opportunities for all. In this video session, Capgemini's AI experts and leaders will explore various possibilities to leverage AI in order to accompany students and pupils throughout their educational pathway.