AI in Action

A fast track way to leverage industry-best practice AI applications, algorithms, analytics, and datasets at scale.

Many organizations have rich and growing volumes of data but struggle to create real value from them. Companies recognize that AI is key to gaining and using insights from their data.

890 by Capgemini is a Data, Insights & Outcomes exchange. It is a cataloged platform, enterprise-wide AI marketplace that enables organizations to quickly gain access to key analytical and AI solutions and powerful datasets from both within an organization, from multiple, carefully curated 3rd party providers and from Capgemini. All without the expense, complexity and lead time of building capabilities and solutions.

AI Marketplace is supported by Capgemini’s Custom AI Services that enterprise clients can leverage to build bespoke, custom AI solutions or to organize their data with the help of AI-powered knowledge Graphs.

  • Best Industry AI practices
  • Outcome-driven
  • Democratized for Business
  • Easy & Fast for IT
  • AI Trust
  • Data for AI

Data for AI 

AI-powered Enterprise Knowledge Graphs to Put your Data in Context, build Enterprise Knowledge and Uncover Hidden Insights:

  • Advise: Enterprise Knowledge Graph, Linked Data Roadmap, and Operations
  • Data Catalog: Make your Data Findable through metadata extraction and semantic alignment
  • Graph Model: Make Your Data Reusable with Enterprise Data Domain Modeling, business ontology definition, and semantic lifting of data
  • Data Virtualization: Make your Data Interoperable by organizing virtual data layers and Enterprise data interdependency modeling
  • Data Access: Make your Data Accessible via APIs, search, and self-serve capabilities

Through 890, Capgemini offers a carefully curated catalog of pre-built AI applications and datasets. If this collection won’t cover your needs, we’ll build a fit-for-purpose AI solution for you with our comprehensive, end-to-end custom machine learning applications development practice.

Trust Capgemini to solve your business problems with AI: from scoping a use case to AI Minimum Viable Product showcase, followed by deployment in production, at scale. AI Trust is a core for Capgemini’s Custom AI Services: bias detection, AI explainability, model robustness, and data privacy are taken into account.

Want to prepare your data to make the most from AI? Order AI-powered Enterprise Knowledge Graph constructed to semantically connect your siloed datasets and put your data in business context.

AI Pilot

  • Use Case Prioritization & Scoping
  • AI MVP development
  • Business Value Validation
  • AI Architecture Assessment

890 by Capgemini

  • A catalog of carefully selected, ready-to-implement assets
  • Well-defined business outcomes
  • Easy and standardized access to ready-to-use insights and datasets
  • No complex licensing, configuration and deployment required

AI Solution at Scale

  • Scalable AI app in production
  • Data & AI solution integration with existing IT / legacy systems
  • Business Value Monitoring

Meet our Experts

Marc Chemin

Expert in Big Data and Data Science

Anne-Laure Thieullent

Vice President, Artificial Intelligence and Analytics Group Offer Leader

Ron Tolido

Executive Vice President, Global CTO – Insights & Data. Certified Master Architect. Member of the Group Technology & Innovation Council. Lead author of TechnoVision. Executive lecturer at TIAS Business School.