My Data is Bigger than Yours

With “Big” now the new normal in data, it’s time to create a new wave of liberated, actionable business insights

Yes, data is bigger than ever … and it’s not just because technology supports you in storing and analyzing data in unparalleled volumes, in any structure, from any source, and at any given time, although that certainly helps. The real breakthrough of the new data landscape is the ability to insert actionable insights into literally any business activity along every step of the way, with the very best next move. It’s more than a business on steroids; it’s a business on insights. Envision it from before the very first contacts with potential customers, to way beyond the finest details of the final, operational delivery. Insights are the key to boosting corporate IQ … and that’s huge indeed.


  • The new data landscape combines low-cost, huge-volume data storage and access with cloud-driven flexibility and scalability alongside raw, real-time analytical and visualization power.
  • Many innovations came from open-source projects and startups, but industry leaders have quickly caught up, now successfully merging big data platform technologies with their proprietary platforms.
  • Data can be made available as actionable insights, not just as a separate report or analysis, but right in the middle of a process flow, a mobile application, an API or a webservice; it can also provide the crucial training assets needed for almost any serious AI solution.
  • With “Big Data” now the new normal (hence, consider this the last mention of it in a TechnoVision edition) the focus should shift to creating a next wave of business insights, liberated from the restrictions of the earlier data landscape.


  • A large European tax agency migrated its entire legacy data warehouse to an open source-based, next-generation data platform, saving considerable costs while increasing delivery speed and gaining access to innovative big data capabilities.
  • A Japanese insurance company made an insight-driven, cloud-based sales portal available to its more than 100,000 independent agents, supporting their commercial activities with targeted next-best actions.
  • A Nordic post agency augmented its existing data warehouse with real-time sensor data, delivered through a big data platform in the cloud


  • Leverage next-gen technologies to simplify and rationalize the existing data landscape, saving costs while increasing agility, speed, and business buy-in.
  • Infuse processes, activities, and applications with real-time actionable insights, in turn improving decision- making, efficiency, client intimacy, and ultimately business performance … all with a higher enterprise IQ.
  • Create additional value on top of existing BI and analytics solutions, by augmenting them with big data-driven insights.
  • Explore new revenue streams and breakthrough business models, leveraging data as the key asset.


  • Industry leaders’ next-generation data platforms

– IBM Big Data Analytics, SAS Viya, Microsoft Big Data solutions, SAP BW/4HANA, Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub, Hortonworks Data Platform, Snowflake Cloud Data Warehouse

  • Integrated insights

– Salesforce Einstein, Oracle Adaptive Intelligent Applications, Pegasystems Customer Decision Hub, SAP Leonardo

  • Open Source and standards ecosystem

Open Data Platform Initiative