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Ensuring you don’t miss the ‘Next Big Tech’

Now, more than ever, technology is changing the way companies frame and steer their complex transformation programs. The Chief Digital Officer hype of a few years ago has been duly replaced by planned transformation offices, industrialized innovation labs and the opening of new partner ecosystems.

Addressing the innovation challenge

The innovation lifecycle is more dynamic than ever, with:

  • Reduced time to new technology maturity
  • Smaller window to scale new innovation
  • Increasing impact of technology innovation on business performance

With technology everywhere, from enabling strategic moves to optimizing operating models, you can’t afford to miss out on this dynamism. But how do you seize the technology innovation opportunity at speed and scale? How will you ensure that you achieve the desired business outcomes without wasting precious resources in numerous low value proof of concepts?

According to Capgemini Research Institute, the number of company innovation centers has grown by 92% over the last four years. More than 53% of companies with over 500 employees have a dedicated innovation center office.

Yet these innovation centers struggle to deliver desired outcomes, with innovation projects failing to scale-up due to lack of alignment with company strategy and internal needs. We can help businesses capture the possibilities of emerging technology and innovation to achieve superior business results.

Making your innovation count

To be able to innovate you must first transform your technology landscape. At Capgemini Invent, we begin this process by helping you to build a transformation roadmap designed to bring the future of technology to life.

Our Emerging Technology and Innovation experts will work with you to evaluate and define what’s needed to build the foundation of your technology transformation. We anticipate what’s next, drawing on our deep, technology-driven expertise, and ecosystem knowledge, both within the Capgemini Group network and with our partners (from start-ups to global tech leaders). We then help you define the roadmap and sequence of innovation programs you need to make your innovation programs deliver true business value.

What sets us apart?

At Capgemini invent, we bring deep solutions expertise and strong track record in helping our clients achieve business value from their technology adoption and reinvention. We’re open to new concepts, ensuring we’re always ready to seize ‘what’s next’.

The key assets and knowledge that we’ve accrued over the years enable us to serve our clients, typically assisting them through:

  • Industry-specific Technology Vision & Roadmap development
  • Technical advisory on emerging technologies: IoT, Edge Computing, Immersive Technologies, Blockchain, Quantum Computing, etc.
  • Scale strategy roadmap, including partnerships – accelerated with our technology maturity assessment
  • Establishing capability frameworks for Innovation Labs
  • Startup scans and investment portfolios definition
  • Innovation Hubs set up in our own facilities, including 5G Hive, AI Labs and technology focused Center of Excellence

At Capgemini Invent, we bring all of this together in our Emerging Technology and Innovation services to ensure that you don’t miss the ‘next big tech’.


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