In TechnoVision, tangible trends are presented though six containers, providing the ‘What’: what is happening, what might happen and what we only dare to dream. These containers should be consumed wholeheartedly, as there is no substitute for a healthy technology appetite in the world of a Technology Business. However, here in the Design for Digital container, we look at the ‘How’.

Applying TechnoVision, we’ve noted time and again that culture, mindset and ways of working help to determine the success of technology-driven change, often more so than the technologies themselves. Technology Businesses – on their way to a full symbiosis with what we still call ‘digital’ – are governed by new rules, and these rules of technology apply as a matter of course.

The principles of Design for Digital reflect seven of these rules:

  • Simplicity is a must for speed – measured both in business and technical terms.
  • As organizations need to be open, platforms and APIs can
    make it happen.
  • Technology Businesses see virtual and physical worlds as one; a real symbiosis.
  • Trust in business requires trust in technology.
  • What is Corporate IQ, if not the combination of human and artificial intelligence?
  • The Technology Business’s narrative is supported by technology-enabled stories.
  • Elements of a business may soon be as autonomous as self-driving cars.

Focusing on the How, this container is different from the others in that it presents the principles of technology use, not the technology trends themselves. We therefore describe and visualize its elements differently too.

Each principle is an action; a definitive, self-explanatory action with an anticipated consequence. It is followed by a thoughtful checklist, before KPIs – Key Principle Indicators – are proposed to track the way you apply the principle in business. And with the theme simplicity running through our minds, all of that is delivered in fewer words than ever.

You’re welcome.

Your challenge (should you choose to accept it) is to look at the Design for Digital principles as ‘meta-requirements’ on your journey to becoming a Technology Business. Whether you are creating an architecture or solution, developing a portfolio of initiatives or brainstorming innovations, you
should use these principles as your guiding light. We’re not saying you need to implement all of them every time, but think through the principles and decide which ones apply.

Through Design for Digital, our hope is to make each one of TechnoVision’s ‘checks’ practical for the reader and practitioner. Simplicity is key.

Design for Digital

1. Simply Speed

Simplify to master complexity and increase speed of action and reaction. Learn more

2. Open for Business

Open up the business to new connections, dialogues and exchanges, and extend its reach through new relations, internally and externally. Learn more

3. Joined at the Hip

As a Technology Business no longer distinguishes between business and technology,
ensure a full symbiosis. Learn more

4. Trust Thrust

Justify existing trust, strengthen developing trust and create new pockets of trust. Learn more

5. IQ Up, EQ Up

Boost the Corporate IQ through better data and insights, and lift the Corporate EQ by building empathetic skills for internal and external purposes. Learn more

6. What’s Your Story?

Open the dialogue to tell your part of the story and listen to the others. Weave in the thread of your organization’s purpose. Learn more

7. No Hands On Deck

Test-drive selected applications of autonomous power for objects, processes, solutions and organizational elements. Learn more