Distributed Denial of Service Protection

Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks are the biggest threat to IT data centers. They are becoming more sophisticated and growing in volume. Automatically spot DDOS behavior and react in seconds to keep your online presence up and running.

Identify the DDOS threat and keep your business trading

Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks can shut down your online operations in seconds. They cause reputational damage and financial loss, and prevent customers from accessing services and accounts. In today’s digital landscape where customer experience is a crucial differentiator, a DDOS attack can push your customers into the arms of the competition.

Spot and block a DDOS attack within 5 seconds

Capgemini has forged a global alliance partnership with Fortinet that brings its FortiDDoS solution to the market in a unique packaged offer. This enables the digital enterprise to respond to different types of attack (bulk volumetric and application layer) with automated learning to differentiate normal traffic from DDOS attacks. It’s an easy-to-deploy tool bringing behavior-based DDOS protection that reacts to any threat without the need for signature files. FortiDDoS can detect and block a DDOS attack within 5 seconds on average, and enables continuous threat evaluation.

Expertise you can depend on

Capgemini has the global reach and the cybersecurity experts that you need to protect your web applications. We have added to our strength by partnering with Fortinet, a leader in high performance cybersecurity solutions. All our consultants are trained on FortiDDoS and understand the business impact of web applications being blocked by hackers.

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