Client Intelligence Center

Standardize your command and control functions in finance environments to give you a broad and deep perspective of your company’s performance. 

Complete Enterprise Visibility from a Financial Perspective

Accurate and timely information can improve shareholder value by boosting top-line growth and profitability, managing risk and improving working capital. But companies often struggle to obtain knowledge quickly enough to achieve these benefits because they lack overall vision of their performance.

Finance executives need a solution that can deliver:

  • Visibility across entities, regions and the enterprise
  • Managed risk and reputation
  • A standard, integrated control environment
  • A standard reporting platform and tools that enable “root cause” analysis

The Next Generation of Business Command and Control

Our Client Intelligence Center (CIC) platform can provide you with a complete view of your business performance. CIC is a web-based solution that standardizes command and control in finance environment. It delivers a broad, deep and fully visualized perspective on your enterprise-wide performance, through consolidating select information to create an efficient control environment.

CIC comprises three modules:

  • Command Center: Supports your reporting and communication with customer and internal service management processes
  • Control Center: Provides a snapshot of your key performance indicators, along with the results of tests or audits performed
  • Insights 360°: A visualization platform that empowers your key decision makers with actionable insights
  • An integrated global view across all units
  • Improved risk management
  • Tighter controls


An Experienced Collaborative Approach

We leverage our many years of experience and the strength of our collaborative Global Enterprise Model© to deliver the best operating model for your business. Our team of experts includes:

  • +100 business process outsourcing experts with analytical and control expertise
  • +1,400 consultants delivering data management and reporting services
  • Our Analytics Center of Excellence, which leverages best practices from 160 subject matter experts


Client Intelligence Center Brochure

Benefit from an integrated, real-time, global view of all key metrics across your enterprise

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