Drive frictionless patient and customer experiences

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Driving frictionless customer interactions across the healthcare ecosystem

Capgemini’s Intelligent Customer Operations for Healthcare solution puts the patient and customer at the center of your business to deliver a seamless and connected digital health experience.

Our next-generation contact center service solution provides a digitally augmented yet human-centric experience through a persona-influenced service design that integrates humans and technology. This enables you to drive more meaningful, emotive, and frictionless customer relationships with your patients and customers across the entire healthcare customer ecosystem – to deliver:

  • 25% increase in first contact resolution
  • 40% reduction in cost to serve
  • 80% reduction in total transaction time
  • 15% increase in Net Promoter Score
  • 35% reduction in alert case counts.

Reinvent customer experience for the Life Sciences and Med-Tech industry

By combining a deep understanding of the healthcare value chain and an in-depth expertise of business process support, Capgemini delivers superior, frictionless business outcomes and increased patient, customer, and healthcare provider satisfaction. In turn, this provides increased value:

For patients and customers:DCO Reinventing customer experience in healthcare

  • Enriched, personalized patient and customer experience
  • Frictionless, omnichannel patient and customer journey
  • Increased patient wellness

For life science and med-tech providers:

  • Increased patient satisfaction scores
  • Enhanced patient engagement and customer conversion
  • Increased operational efficiency

Our solution guides patients and providers through complex information about diagnosis and treatment choices, information on the financial aspects of care, and day-to-day care management such as medication reminders, symptom monitoring, and nursing support. This leads to the establishment of a closed-loop feedback mechanism that drives an enhanced quality of life, increased adherence to medical routines, a reduction in hospitalizations and ER visits, and increased patient survival rates.

Capgemini’s Intelligent Customer Operations for Healthcare solution drives frictionless customer interactions and synergies across your upstream and downstream process value chain. In turn, this helps you transition to – what we call – the Frictionless Enterprise.

The Frictionless Enterprise-blockchain for the supply chain

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