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The Agile Delivery Methodology + Capgemini’s MuleSoft capability = rapid deployment to market
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Defining a high-level scope for your new MuleSoft API functionality is just the beginning. Our consultants also understand agile delivery methodology and will help you get real results out of each sprint, delivering you continued development and functional APIs faster than anyone else.

Agile delivery approach

We know that you are going to struggle to define your technical requirements, business requirements and detailed interface specifications before you embark on your solution development and build. The design and development of new APIs to support your digital transformation are highly suited to the Agile delivery methodology, which is core to the delivery methodology at WhiteSky. We incorporate the core principles of Agile in our Design and Development sprints and demonstrate excellent results in early sprints.

Quality control

Our development teams are structured around the best practices of the Agile delivery method, supplemented with core quality assurance principles to ensure that we consistently deliver the very best MuleSoft integration results. We limit our team lead to developer ratio to 1 in 5. We are strict about this rule and every team is hand-picked to get the most advantageous blend of MuleSoft skills and integration experience. In addition, we have a rigorous quality assurance function that continuously reviews and provides feedback for all APIs we deliver. The Capgemini’s delivery teams take pride in their quality record, having consistently delivered successful outcomes to our clients year after year.

CI/CD Tooling and your MuleSoft production pipeline

Our highly experienced MuleSoft Integration experts will help you build a fully functional development process using some of the most prestigious development tools in the market-place. We will assist in building your tooling stack to reinforce the end to end development and deployment process work as efficiently as possible. We can provide support with Anypoint Studio, Git, Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Maven and many other tools. We’ll work with you and your internal DevOps team to build an ecosystem that suits your specific delivery / deployment approach.

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