What’s our story?

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A long time ago, storytellers mesmerized every audience. Their faces wrinkled in deep crevasses as they smiled, with starlight sparkling from their eyes in kindness.

Technology inherited the power of those storytellers. It plays a pivotal role in our lives, not just in business and administration. It conveys messages and motivates; it inspires change – all within the era of the diminishing attention span. But in Technology Business, we have come to expect more than the storyteller can offer; we want to be part of the story, to play an active role. The story evolves into a never-ending dialogue. “What’s your story?” becomes “What’s our Story?”. Now there’s a happy ever after.



  • Tell your part of the story
  • Listen and respond
  • Weave in your enterprise purpose


Apply development objectives, which, compared to the current situation:

  • Reshape interactions into balanced dialogues
  • Build joint solutions in a “hothouse” setup, on the work floor
  • Ensure more conversational and intention-driven design
  • Favor natural language across solution designs
  • Turn dense documents and A0-size diagrams intolearning exchanges
  • Engage and mobilize, rather than educate and inform


  • REPOSITORY of Technology Business stories and dialogues
  • OPPORTUNITIES to bring in interaction, playfulness and applied innovation