The Connected Future – How to drive value by leveraging the Internet of Things

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IoT is enabling transformation across all industries, giving businesses access to information and data – improving operational efficiency, asset utilisation, customer experience, driving innovation and enabling new business models.

IoT remains on the peak of inflated expectations for the third year in a row as vendors push the hype even higher, but most companies struggle to find use cases beyond proof-of-concept.

This hype has primarily been fuelled by the manufacturers’ innovation in building cheaper better sensors, software companies thronging the market with IoT platforms, System Integrators by forging alliances and building knowledge base in an otherwise intricate ecosystem, cheaper development boards for prototyping, and of course the start-ups pushing the boundaries with new possibilities and challenging the status quo.

And yet amidst all the amplified anticipations, we believe what’s possible with IoT is only limited by our imagination.

We have only just begun!

The Connected Future

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