The app-modernization manual: Transforming across multiple pillars

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Chapter 2: Modernizing across technology, process, and people

Today’s market disruptions are pushing transformation initiatives forward faster than ever before. Companies need to become more agile and adaptive to handle unprecedented change.

Application modernization drives transformation across multiple pillars. A number of factors must be considered:

  • Architecture transformation: IT needs to embrace a microservices-enabled landscape for greater flexibility and agility
  • Technology transformation: Containerization, serverless, microservices, and PaaS are key to achieving the full benefits of app modernization
  • Organizational transformation: It is time to abandon IT silos and create self-sustaining domain-driven teams.

The app-modernization manual is designed to help businesses respond more quickly to customer needs and deliver at the speed of ideation. Chapter 2 focuses on how companies need to truly transform and embrace the move to app modernization.

Read how to achieve agility and flexibility by transforming technology, processes, and people.

Download chapter 2 of The app-modernization manual: “Modernizing across technology, processes, and people.”

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