Modern Testing Approaches for a DevOps World

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There is growing pressure for QA teams to streamline their process, tools and organise the structure to support the move to a DevOps World.

Agile and DevOps are two software development methodologies that have become the standard for building continuously deployed systems at speed with quality. As large enterprises with complex interconnected systems look to scale their DevOps adoption, there is growing pressure on test and QA teams to streamline their processes, tools, and organisational structures to support the rapidly accelerating need for Continuous Testing.

The complexity is further exacerbated by the ‘hybrid’ nature of the technology stacks in most enterprises from mainframes that run both modern container-hosted applications and legacy COBOLbased monolithic applications, to distributed systems with myriad technology stacks, workloads distributed across multiple public and private clouds, and SaaS properties scattered across multiple vendors—each with their own proprietary ecosystems.

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