Digital transformation needs long-term cyber resiliency

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Strategy and roadmap create scalable, adaptable security operations centers

The pandemic is accelerating digital transformation as companies adapt and pivot to meet the changing market. And that is making it harder to stay secure. Recent research shows 79 percent of companies say digital business is progressing too quickly to keep up, and 85 per cent say COVID made cyber resiliency more challenging.

Cybersecurity is a key component of digital transformation. It is a building block for increased efficiency, scalability, and agility. Companies expect their cybersecurity team to report and measure threats to continually support the business.

Capgemini understands how business and cyber must align to be successful. It is a critical focus area, with 66 percent of companies saying they are investing in cyber resiliency and 75 percent increasing their cybersecurity budgets.

Listen to our panel of cyber experts to understand critical focus areas and how to build a strategic framework for the future in Operation transformation: 2021 vision for SOCs.

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