Understanding the digital-therapeutics opportunity

Digital-health technologies are accelerating in a more patient-centric world

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Research shows the pandemic has increased the willingness of consumers of all ages to embrace digital healthcare for services. Digital therapeutics are evidence-based therapeutic interventions driven by software programs to prevent, manage, or treat a medical disorder or disease. It is the intersection of sensing devices and administrative devices with software.

Nick Dryfuse, Vice President, Life Sciences at Capgemini, cuts through the hype around digital therapeutics to discuss how life-sciences companies can create valuable patient-centric solutions. Ultimately, digital therapeutics should improve healthcare outcomes, but how do you scale effectively?

Digital therapeutics require a collaboration across multiple disciplines, including some non-traditional areas. Now, user-centered design and software are part of that innovation. It is a complex ecosystem that needs to be agile to drive real innovation.

Even in the early stages, digital therapeutics present a sizable opportunity. But waiting is not an option. Companies need to get started now so they can innovate at the speed of the market. The right approach will lead to patient-centric solutions that succeed. It is a complex ecosystem, but Capgemini has the skills and experience to take ideas from concept to market.

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