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Modernized CX architecture solutions for a seamless commerce experience

Many companies are struggling to keep pace with the rapid transformation in customer expectations. The wide range of channels and devices we now operate has revolutionized the customer experience, and consumers expect to be engaged anytime, anywhere, and on their own terms.

Personalization is key, but equally as important is a consistent experience across all channels and devices. From research to sales to ongoing service and support, the customer journey needs to be seamless across all touchpoints and channels to engage today’s consumer and build brand loyalty. There is a new standard for the commerce experience, and it is frictionless.

Seamless omnichannel commerce requires decoupling the frontend from the backend. A legacy commerce framework is challenging as it lacks the agility to respond quickly to changing customer expectations and demands. Organizations looking to better engage their customers in the face of rising expectations should rethink their commerce platform architecture.

A headless commerce strategy is an effective solution to achieve a commerce-anywhere model, as it enables companies to easily add any channel or application to a platform, and provide personalized, seamless commerce experiences no matter how or where a customer interacts with the brand ­– through a desktop, mobile device, kiosk, or in-person. A headless commerce solution delivers a frictionless, modernized customer experience fit for the shifting business landscape, and equips an enterprise with the speed necessary to respond to constantly changing customer needs.

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